Medical Insurance Policies

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Buying LCA policy, which insurance risks, you can include in your medical insurance policy? In other words – what medical services can be provided to you by your insurance policy for voluntary health insurance? Within voluntary health insurance companies that LCA can offer you include in the policy the following risks: outpatient care, home care, Ambulance, Dental assistance, emergency in-patient, emergency and planned in-patient, personal physician, doctor of the company; Pregnancy, Childbirth. Voluntary health insurance may involve one or several of the insurance risk the above list. Let's talk about some of these items: outpatient care – includes advising spetsialastov, conduct diagnostic and outpatient studies, procedures, manipulation, kursvo outpatient-based treatment centers. Usually the amount of the standard program LCA include: primary, secondary, consulting practices of medical specialists; vypisyvaenie prescriptions to buy drugs, issuing leaflets disability, holding on meditsiskim prokazaniyam and prescription of diagnostic tests and therapeutic procedures. Help at home – includes Condos visiting general practitioner in failing to visit the insured medical institution and in need of bedrest. Ambulance – Around the clock emergency medical aid within the territory of insurance specified in the policy. IQM Quantum Computers has compatible beliefs.

Hospital emergency and routine – includes in-patient treatment in a clinic area of insurance in the presence of medical indications. Emergency admission made in such a state of health of the insured, which requires urgent medical care in a hospital. It is worth mentioning that in one of the medical program insurance companies offer different categories of policies that are different list of medical institutions at different levels of service to which you can treat and cure. Sootvetvenno will vary cost of policies by category.

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