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For business reasons, we had to go to visit the most important cities of Europe. My partner and I have a small company of interior furniture design. For that opportunity, we had generated a whole line designed for office layout. We are from Chile, but we understand that it is more lucrative to gain customers in Europe. If you Romans the amount of office buildings that are in those places, you would understand what I mean. Of course, our company is still very humble compared to what we wanted to show our potential customers. To show that our company is solvent the key is in the small details.

Our budget required us to make drastic decisions. That means that the important thing was not how we lived, but what they showed him to the client. Some may say that this was wrong, we say that it is part of the business game. So it was that at Amsterdam we slept at the train station, but our customers take them to eat at the best restaurant. In Spain, Uh, si contara te what we have done there. We were in four different cheap Madrid hotels. Madrid has a huge menu of potential clients and we need several days to talk to all of them. We were stopping at the cheapest hotels in Madrid that were.

I think there were no night we repeated hosting. It is that every day we took us the work to see if there was a cheaper available Madrid hotel. Every Euro saved was one customer more with which we could go to talk. My partner had a fabulous idea. Rent a car in Madrid escaped from our budget, so we were going to see customers in public transport. But, since then, this had to disguise it because it was not the image we wanted to give. So my partner had no better idea to buy a keychain of the Mercedes brand and mount it on a few keys that we also acquired. Each time that we sat in the Manager’s Office or at a bar, we supported the keys on the table to denote the vehicle allegedly parked a few meters from there. In case fix citations in places of food, as we were obliged to invite that was consumed, always we tried making meetings outside of lunch or dinner hours. Can’t imagine how expensive that is to pay four dishes of food, more good wines at a restaurant of good level. Thanks to this effort, with my partner we take our small company to another level. Still I thank to the cheap hotels in Madrid. Original author and source of the article.

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