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So this form you can have tabs on all your critical processes (e.g.: billing, claims, clients, campaigns, etc.), with all filters that are basic to his enterprise (by branch, by type, by category etc.). Visual analyzer is a tool that allows you to analyze and visualize information in form macro as well as in detail, is interactive and is based on the associative model such and as the human brain does solve a problem. In addition Visual Analyzer allows you to export the graphs and/or tables or only information to Excel for reporting. Sage Saleslogix provides Visual Analyzer in a dashboard of tools (Dashboard); in which you can select the default with your CRM options or you can also customize to suit what required by your company. Among the 10 default options offered by Sage Saleslogix: KPI Dashboard Medidor of performance of sales and performance opportunities. Users can view the specific details of the transaction for later analysis.

Administrators can configure each user’s data viewing privileges.Forecast Dashboard proposals, budgets and closing fees. Sales managers can examine trends and make timely adjustments, as well as the budgets of the representatives of the segment, line of products, or the region.Opportunity Dashboard identifies opportunities for sales with the best option currently. Users can create and keep track of goals in order of priority.Marketing Dashboard measures marketing campaigns performance. Users can analyze the response and measure the effectiveness of specific offerings. SalesLogix Visual Analyzer includes additional boards of service to the customer, won and lost, the cartography, the activity, the classification metrics, thematic panels and details. And if you still want to go beyond, you can create new boards by extracting information not only from SLX but from other data sources. In conclusion, Visual Analyzer is an indispensable tool in your company, that you dara speed observe and be able to analyze data from different areas to be able to make decisions right, provide more security, knowledge inputs of the current situation.

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