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I love the cellulite !!!!!!!!! KB not going to believe me, but I love the cellulite! Especially when you know how it is created. In your body, there are trillions and trillions of cells. Each one needs its daily dose of nutrients. Therefore, it is recommended daily nutrient intake 57. I imagine that not many people know what amount of that nutrient will have to eat. So we have many deficiencies in our body. Like I said a while ago, our cells need nutrients to be born, reproduce and die. When missing a nutrient, the cell takes what is in abundance in your body. And guess what You have plenty of water and fat in stock. So your cells are being built with water and grease. At first, nothing is visible. But gradually the skin appears orange, and then you have cellulite, those hellos in the thighs, butt … You try to sport, the gym, take pills, hipnosia, patches and what not … but nothing works. And one day you have a very odd idea …listen to your good leg Alan who is an expert in nutrition and start a weight control program with Herbalife. After a few days, and you feel bacan, have more energy, less anxiety, want to move a little more, do not sleep in the afternoon, to have better memories …. And without realizing it, your cellulite will gradually … Herbalife is providing you the 57 nutrients you need, without the bad calories, and your cells start to be built with proteins, minerals, trace elements … That handsome (a) you see, you can get the bikini of your cards and glow in the pool. People ask you how you do for a skin so strong, handsome body, and can not do nothing but make retailer to earn 25 of the sale of Herbalife products to your friends. All admire you for your energy, your body right, your leadership, and time without realizing it, and win 500, 1000, 2000 per month! Say goodbye to your boss that you arrive, invite all your ex-partner of your work to a business dinner where a leader gives a talk Herbalife.Two of your ex-partners are encouraged and become distributors under you. Your checks increase, traveling for the first time outside South America to train you with the best distributors in the world. Three months later, you buy a new car, zero miles, all envy you, some bravazos dares to ask how you do to have all this money, and in the week you start your new business as CGS. Still did not have time to spend your last check. Your banker calls you, tells you that it would be better to make a savings account. Do you say yes, but better still to invest this money in Herbalife. I demand an explanation, we teach the Herbalife marketing plan. Waaaa, is animated and sign your kit. Call legs of his golf club, everyone is going to a STS, as are more intelligent than others (mentiraaaaaaa, but they think so), all Herbalife enter online, your volume explodes, you find your future partner in a wonderful vacation that gives you Herbalife every year. There are a distributor (a) but works on the boat where you are.They fall in love, signs a kit with you on (the) will (a) support much more than others (that’s amoooooooor!) And World Team qualifies to the touch. What happens You get your first paycheck of more than U.S. 5,000, not you believe it! Like so many things happened so quickly Thanks to the passion of your leg Alan by cellulite. )

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