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If we could give every individual the right amounts of nutrition and exercise, without missing or surplus, would have discovered the route more safely toward the Hippocrates health eat several times during the day and in small quantities is best, healthy snacks help enough on this. And the reason why the person feels good to eat sparingly during several times in the day, has a raison d ‘ etre, as he had mentioned it was briefly days ago: one of them and the most basic is that it helps to control appetite naturally, since you don’t arrive with so much appetite to make your next meal. Also it helps much to increase energy levels. Both reasons have enough benefit for your body, because they allow to keep blood sugar levels in the blood much more stable that if you expect to eat taking long periods of time between meals. Furthermore, and given a physiological reason, helps prevent your body to resort to muscle as energy source and also activate a defense against hunger and therefore start to accumulate fat at the level of the abdomen. Other reasons to consider at the time of eating several times is that it increases basal metabolism, allowing that to be distributed over several times a day, the energy the body supply calories as this needs and not at once, which incidentally can mean an excess of food. This excess can also increase the curve of higher level of insulin by altering the metabolism of fat and cholesterol, precisely, producing higher levels of cholesterol in the blood.

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