Great Spirit

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And this will mean the aim of the life and the beginning of the fight by the survival. But you white men will walk gloriously towards the disaster shining, illuminated with the force of the Great Spirit who brought to you to this country he appointed and to also dominate you to this earth and to the man red skin. The Great Spirit gave you to be able on the animal, the red forests and skins by some special reason that we do not include/understand. That reason is also for us an enigma. We would include/understand perhaps it if we knew whereupon the white man dreams, what hope passes on to its children in the long nights of the winter and what illusions move in their imagination that makes them yearn for the morning. But we are wild and the dreams of the white man remain to us hidden. And for that reason we will follow different ways, because over everything we valued the right of each man to live as it wants, by very different that it is to his brothers.

It is not much really what it unites to us. The day and the night cannot coexist and we we will meditate your supply to buy our country and to send us to a reserve. There we will live aside and peacefully. It does not have importance where we pass the rest of our days. Our children saw their denigrated and payable parents. Our soldiers have been humiliated and after the defeat they spend his days indifferent, poisoning his bodies with sweet meals and strong drinks.

He lacks importance where we pass the rest of our days. No longer they will be many. Few hours a pair to invier to us more, perhaps, and no son of the great tribes who long ago lived in this country and which now they vagan in small groups by the forests, will survive to lament themselves before the tomb of a town, that was so strong and so full of hopes as ours.

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