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Berlin! When one hears the name of this town, you know, it is about something big, Impressive, to a metropolis. Visit Berlin, means to experience something wonderful, wondrous. The word boredom is so far away from the city of Berlin, as from the Nord Pool Sdpool. There is almost nothing that is not there, there. Primarily, the city shines with its fascinating attractions. Then, of course, attracts the Berlin TV tower, the huge eye of Berlin, once a symbol of the GDR and now tallest building in Berlin. It measures a total height of 368 m, the ball includes a diameter of 32m. The daily number of visitors amounted to about 3500th Another highlight is the Berlin Memorial Church. Incomplete tip gives it somehow something mysterious. To the cathedral, which is popularly known collectively as lipstick and compact. The fascinating is that each district has its own town. There are buildings from the early time to marvel at, and in the middle there are the many marketplaces, theto stay and walk to animate. Divided the city into districts and postcodes. The story of Berlin is a story from several different cities, which were gradually into Berlin. Spandau, as an example is only since the 1st October 1920 formally become urban in the postcode district of Berlin. Even today there are people who want to be dubbed as Spandau Berlin and the word will not bring with them combined. However Spandau is a district that’s considered as a tourist attraction if only because of its history and the remaining buildings and castles must. Berlin World Companies today have character and are more successful dennjeh. Who is in Berlin for a visit, of course, is also looking to buy souvenirs and lots where the Brandenburg Gate, the Red City Hall is identified. The Berlin Bear, which is the symbol of Berlin, may be missing in the shopping spree is not granted.

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