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The other item are come back only toward external objectives to discipline of music, such as: to stimulate the collective conviviality; to provide the education of character; to infuse the civic feeling and to promote the confraternizao between the pertaining to school. In such a way, the objectives of Canto Orfenicos in the school, little have to have with musical sensitivity. This leads to a certain banalizao of music in the school, since this would have as objective greaters to the promotion of the civic and social objectives. CONCLUSION Inside of the analyses made in elapsing of this article, can be concluded it disciplines that it of I sing Orfenico was surrounded of a fort I appeal politician-nationalist in the speeches analyzed in detriment the national artistic enlargement. Music is used as form of propagandear the New State and the Getulista politics, becoming a powerful instrument at the hands of the ideologists of the New State, being also forbidden for the DIP when it presented an offensive content to the ideals of the New State. The tone of rise and national enlargement that involves the speech regarding the education of I sing Orfenico, also is perceived in the speech of Villa-Wolf and the didactic workmanships, what it strengthens the nationalistic character I sing of it. Valley to stand out that some professors and authors had been pledged in improving education music technician, proper Villa-Wolf was remained intent to this concern during the years where it was pledged in the defense of Canto Orfenico for the Brazilian students and in the preparation of qualified professors to assume such function. REFERENCES ALMEIDA, Judith Morisson.

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