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So settle for some banks and thrifts with a margin of 1.3 to 1.5 percentage points above the current 3-month Euribor. “Result: the conditions for a variable construction loan are lower than those for mortgage loans with interest rate”, explains Florian Haas. Depending on the duration of interest binding, the difference can cost up to 1.5 percentage points. “After realizing the protection community for e.V. end of construction finanzier” offer some banks and thrifts misinformed terms with interest rates of 5 percent or more, because they apparently don’t sell variable home equity loans are interested in. ” This was understandable due to business reasons, because the banks on long-term customer relationships would be interested in.

It was simple, an existing customers, for example a borrower, to sell other services and products as a new customer. Under certain conditions, the conclusion of a variable may Home loan pay off. So the interest rate should be noticeable, so lower percentage points, to some tenths as those for a construction loan with a five-year interest rate. Also check the borrower on a most flexible design of the loan agreement. Name: earliest termination of the contract and not for the first time six or more months after conclusion of the contract. If these requirements are met, builders can from a variable loan benefit if they regularly watch the interest rate developments in the European money market and expect at the same time extraordinary high income, which can use them largely to the loan repayment”, recommends protection community Chairman Florian Haas. Self-employed persons depending on the order situation have sometimes increased revenues, expect employees with bonus or royalty payments or even normal income earner, the donations or even inheritances are typical clientele. For everyone else, so the by far the largest part of the A mortgage loan as long interest rate of at least ten years, home builders, is advisable.

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