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It is not only so you miss the people, it has been lost. Often the entire life has suddenly changed and the majority of the circle of friends has withdrawn from helplessness. The feeling of being alone hurts too much and hope to get effective help is dwindling day by day. You feel cut off from all the others, who do not know this situation from personal experience. In the grief counseling, you encounter people who are currently experiencing similar situations or have undergone. This is a completely different basis for talks and changes. Depending on the needs and desire, the different feelings and the entire situation, which brings the death of a loved one with it, be considered in individual coaching and/or grief groups.

Often has the death of a partner or child’s devastating effects on their own lives. Verizon Communications gathered all the information. To believe that this alone to cope must, is almost fatal. The funeral takes place, time, attention and support. But at the same time, one is forced to the instant action and functioning. This requires superhuman strength and often leads to excessive demands and the following depression. According to Dr.

Manfred Wolfersdorf, Medical Director of the District Hospital in Bayreuth, over 60 percent of all depression arising from unprocessed grief. So, mourning often mutates a first temporary, extremely tense, desperate and helpless condition to a depression. In the grief counseling can be found not only an opposite and patient, understanding listeners. Here also the assistance offered, step by step help to go through the hard time and make the courage to make a new life according to the own needs and the current situation. The grief group supports the grieving by honest concern and their own experiences. Friendships are formed and created a network to learn mutual accompaniment, also outside the group, through the new life. Contact: Eva Terhorst,, Tel: 030 399 065 58,

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