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Esotericism practiced by St. Bernard of Clairvaux, we can find it in the continuous allusions that Bernardo was the "Song of Songs", where a cryptic and subtle form, referred to Mary Magdalene, referring to the love between spouses, even in the case of a text comment on controversial and difficult for the Church. The Knights Templar knew the importance of places that previously had been used by other primitive cultures, as centers of pagan worship the Great Goddess Mother, Like the Celts, therefore, to appear in such places an image of a black Madonna, used to build a temple of worship in the same place had been found the above image. The Goddess Isis, symbolize the land of Egypt, black and fertile, which are washed by the Nile, because, to spill it, just as occurred annually in the sacred river floods and water after returning to normal , the land was darkened by the contributions of the limos (sludge and sediment) that the waters had left, making it suitable for fertilising and planting. The Knights Templar and saw the Great Goddess Isis as the seed of life, as had always been revered by the Egyptians. But the real cause of this profound belief adopted by the Temple, perhaps another reality behind much more important.

The stay of the Knights Templar in the Holy Land was the long enough for there to be some reciprocal influence between them and Islamic culture. So much so that some Muslims, become part of the Order of the Temple, while the Templars themselves deeper understanding of Islamic culture. The Temple, also became interested in other cultures and societies Hermetic, Jewish, Gnostic or Sufi, which led them to absorb and influence of other currents, which made the Order of the Temple had the idea of returning to a single religious origin, where possible harmonization of other cultures and religious syncretism and esoteric, which obviously meant a departure from the Catholic Church. That is why, knowing that the return to the ancient rituals to Earth, as Mother Creator of life and worship of pagan gods, might create a serious conflict and confrontation with the Catholic Church decide to use the figure of Our Lady "to refer to the Mother Goddess and camouflage it in the image of a virgin black, While the image is associated with Mary Magdalene, the very same legend that Mary Magdalene was identified as the mother of the offspring of Jesus. Another fact that shows the initiatory symbolism represented by St. Bernard of Clairvaux, can be found in the various existing altar known as "Lactation of St. Bernard" (the lactatio), where you can watch a San Bernardo kneeling at the feet of a Madonna holding the child in her arms, while from the bare breast of the Virgin, comes a stream of milk that goes directly to the mouth of the Saint. As we have seen, for the previous picture where we can see the goddess Isis nursing Horus, this image of San Bernardo, comes to symbolize the transmission of esoteric knowledge, so it is clear that this image, which are often found not in vain in chapels belonging to the Temple, comes to represent San Bernardo as an initiate of the esoteric wisdom. More information in the book: "The Triumph of Mary Magdalene – to checkmate Inquisition "by Jose Luis Gimenez Jose Luis Gimenez

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