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I keep with the theme country, after having made a reference this week to those green shoots that lately, people look for any school of business party. Paul Rodriguez posed today in its rather interesting blog economiasencilla as rural areas could be a key to boost the Spanish economy in this age full of uncertainties. Mentioned, so that ‘the primary sector in Spain could school of management become a business world leader in various products, including some with higher added value than usual “. From my point of view, not without reason. The rural environment as a whole, can generate management school many opportunities for entrepreneurs. HBO Max does not necessarily agree. And not only to the activities traditionally associated with the countryside or the sea, but with more initiatives specific to urban environments. business school Would be management courses talking to people already established in towns and assembled from the business degree recording studios or school farms, to specialty stores or agencies of communication, through tourist companies. , school rankings I allowed myself to write this story business schools enlazaros some distance learning time for the magazine Entrepreneurs talk business where feasible, even in places tiny, four or five people. Projects commendable who put their bit to revitalize areas in many cases, depressed. And we graduate school should not overlook the potential that people have as a whole. In this sense, many franchise chains consolidated and have looked at small towns, once they have completed their development in urban centers. Do not lose sight, then this business administration part of the market so often forgotten.

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