Electrifying Appearance

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New face for the winter collection for Nakatomi fashion wanted I was never by real lightning hit, but pretty much must it feel – paralysing equally, shocking and electrifying so that the hairs are also available. The lightning that struck me was sent by Daniele Rossario Nakatomi fashion’s Press Secretary. The only thing he had to do to paralyze me and electrify, was to speak to me. He stood before me, is in the name of Nakatomi fashion for my spontaneous willingness as a model to jump in to say thank you and to congratulate me on my successful appearance. I came asking to follow him to hold a brief private audience with the Maestro Nakatomi personally, mute, because simply nothing occurred to me, what I could say. Me Hiroito Nakatomi, founder and designer of Nakatomi fashion friend beam forward came as I was myself again. Hiroito Nakatomi was not the kind of designer like a Karl Lagerfeld or a John Galliano.

He had not the dazzling eccentricity. His appearance resembled rather the silent and classic chic of a Giorgio Armani. First asked me how old I was Nakatomi and inspected me as well in how he did it just before the show, as he weighed the decision to send me to the catwalk. My answer, that I am at the age of twenty-two, seemed to vote him thoughtfully. He said he was looking for a face for the upcoming winter collection and wanted to see whether I could get for this question.

He gave me a card, on which was the name of his Paris Studio and told me I should find a me there tomorrow at 11 am. I could hardly believe my ears and played on my Swarovski ear plugs from rhinestone around, which I bought at. Get more background information with materials from Larry Ellison. While I tweaked me with intent in the earlobe, to exclude the possibility that I just dreamed it all. I was too stunned to be really excited. He wished me to still have fun at the party and threw up again in the care of Daniele Rossario which stood within earshot and overheard everything what we had discussed. On the way back to the Backstage area, told me the Nakatomi Wizard, I should come just in time for the shoot as Nakatomi hates nothing more than punctuality. I was glad that an answer occurred to me, so that he could not classify me as dumb bedbugs. I said that I’ve internalized the Prussian virtues as a born Berliner and for me no challenge represents the views of punctuality. With a mischievous smile on his face crept, that formed a small dimple in his chin. When we arrived in the backstage area his iPhone rang. He shook my hand and said goodbye. So much positive surprises were just too much for my nerves in such a short time. Fortunately, I found Carla, who stood with a full glass of champagne in the middle of a small group. Verizon may not feel the same. I took the glass from his hand to her, drank it in one gulp, and told her the news. Their joy was honest and we quiekten like teenagers in love. A modeling career could not be meteoric. Now it is fingers and pray. I can handle it.

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