Edward Green

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Remember, perfection, and respectability – the main requirements for business shoes. Classic style fashion and classical shoes give you confidence and says a lot about your taste. Men's Classic shoes If delve into the history, the classic men's shoes originally sewn in several countries: in Britain, the USA and Austria-Hungary, and in the future is already in Germany, France and, of course, in Italy. To this day, on the best factories in these countries by hand, with the highest quality of workmanship, sewn model of legendary brands. K category may include such Santoni, Edward Green, Crockett & Jones, Cheaney, Barrett, etc. Usually the story of a famous shoemaker begins: 'My father made shoes, my grandfather made shoes, and now I make shoes. " Undoubtedly, the process of making shoes – it's perfectly honed over many years, the mechanism of which is equal to the complexity of jewelry art, which chtet old traditions and handed down from generation to generation, keeping all the canons of male classics. Men's classic shoes – it's trend is not subject to the influence of time.

But the master shoe houses are new technologies and make a bold interpretation of classic models. Head of the Italian shoe company, Giuseppe Santoni Santoni family continues business, launched in 1975 in the province Martserata. Completely hand-made production and hand-coloring of the skin makes every pair of shoes is really unique. Sometimes up to forty days required a first-class masters to create one a pair of shoes. By following the family tradition, the designers Santoni keep pace with the times, developing new colors and combining different types of skin, making the classics more relevant.

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