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The one click solutions GmbH presents during the DMS EXPO Germany / Stuttgart, 03 September 2013. The one click solutions GmbH presents while windream DMS EXPO at the exhibition stand of their partner (Hall 5, stand: 5 C-11) their capture software AutoClick in the current version 4.6. It is the complete functionality of the electronic mail distribution software integrates ClickPost. Users can directly combine so the processes of incoming mail and document entry and streamline their workflow. ClickPost can be integrated as add-on in AutoClick, thus can be easily capture the incoming mail.

Documents are automatically separated, so that the application of barcodes for document separation can be omitted. The acquisition software knows”that in the AutoClick already trained document types and directly leads to the ERP solution or workflows. All other documents are associated with the post distribution center: you are redirected to appropriate workflows, passed to the train to AutoClick or, like E.g. correspondence, automatically via E-Mail to the employee in question distributed. This also routing information is quick and easy.

In addition, the entire post, such as correspondence, invoices, delivery notes, etc. in ECM systems can be placed as windream and is so freely searchable. There is a new layout editor available to create new entry masks in AutoClick. “User-friendly can be is set the field definitions, for example, whether a field to a required field” is, which data format is to have it, whether field information about a data lookup should be determined or verified only, or to filter out whether and how to capture value from a string. In addition, AutoClick 4.6 includes a new level of configuration with graphical support and filtering, or keyword search for individual thematic areas, such as for example bar code, split, or export. The wide range of configuration options allow the content evaluation by bar codes, the validation of acquired values and formal checks for incoming invoices according to VAT law and the Read position data of varying lengths and across multiple pages.

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