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Early life and early in his career Ashley Tisdale was born in West Deal, Monmouth County, located in the state of New Jersey. It is the second daughter of Lisa Morris and Mike Tisdale. He has a sister Jennifer Tisdale, four years her senior and also an actress. It is a distant cousin of billionaire inventor Ron Popeil by his maternal grandfather Morris Arnold, a distributor of Ginsu knives. Ashley said his family relations with the inventor in the issue of the day May 9, 2006 television program The Jimmy Kimmel Show. He began to roam the stage at 3 years of age by Bill Perlman, its discoverer and manager, who got a performance at a show by the local Jewish community. Your best paper until he got playing Little Cosette in the Broadway show Les Mis rables. This production led him to give countless theaters around the world with only 10 years. At twelve he had already sung at the White House for President Bill Clinton.In an interview with People magazine, Tisdale said his first television appearance was at three years for a company’s business JCPenney. Tisdale was also a model with Ford Models and Lindsay Lohan Mischa Barton. As of late-90s, Ashley began to have minor roles in the series known as Seventh Heaven, Boston Public and Charmed among others, in addition to an interest in the film Donnie Darko, starring by Oscar nominee Jake Gyllenhaal. Later she was seen in others such as The Hughleys and Still Standing. In 2002 he starred in a TV commercial, best remembered in America for the comic transformation of his head on an orange. In those years he moved to the town of Valencia (California), where he studied and graduated in 2003.

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