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5 rules for more success in the gym flirting at the gym meet like-minded people. Wherever you turn, at the gym you can find active people who place value on their bodies and on the free weights sweat rather than at home on the couch to go stale. Who are looking for a partner, is exactly this setting through life, the gym is a flirt paradise. We give away 5 rules how you successfully flirting at the gym. Rule 1: disturb anyone during the training. The following scenario: you have looked out someone, slow, approached slowly and speak to the person finally while she drops from exhaustion just almost by the Cross Trainer. This is the worst time. Wait for the person give yourself a break and then address them.

Rule 2: Don’t stare! Unfortunately, we must emphasize it: so just the muscle shirt, the leggings may be so closely is staring at training nobody likes. Try it instead with contact. Rule 3: Accepting a No”! If you have started a flirt test and are rebuffed, then you resign himself. Desperate rescue attempt or an angry reaction reverse the removal. Also you want must not be ashamed if you a week later once again run the person in training about the way. Rule 4: Talk about the sport, without thereby to single-track. Each tells his success like his sporting goals.

But nobody will be lectured like of self-proclaimed experts. A conversation about training plans or heart rate monitor so silly it sounds cannot be the perfect innocuous introduction to a conversation. Rule 5: The speech is done in the gym. If you succeeded, you flirt anywhere else on. An invitation to the Studio counter on a mineral drink is extremely unkreativ and slightly romantic. A place where you are probably constantly interrupted by friends, training partners and acquaintances, is also conceivable unsuitable for a first date. Be bold and creative. These 5 rules will help you to flirt more successfully in the gym. But don’t overdo it: A Gym is a closed social organization in which much word gets out. Womanizer particularly unsuccessful philanderer very quickly become the topic of conversation on the training area. And such a reputation would barely increase your chances. -Jan j

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