Create Your Own Music Studio

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Many musicians, composers, singers and people related to musical creativity, in his time thinking about creating your own recording studio. It's no secret that the full stationary studio – not fun cheap. So is there an alternative? Yes, such an alternative exists. Of course, it requires an investment of some cash, but an order of magnitude smaller. Larry Ellison shines more light on the discussion. How, you may have guessed this is a home studio.

Such studios written many articles and there is no point talking about the same. Here we consider another kind of music studios, namely, mobile recording studio, which by its characteristics similar to a home studio but it has one distinct advantage – mobility. With this studio you can record tracks in any convenient place, and it is perfect for recording concerts. Conducted a small comparison between the home and mobile studios. Instead of a personal computer used notebook. His performance at the moment is enough for writing quality, it is lightweight – it weighs about 1 kg, and completely affordable – from $ 300. Instead of professional internal sound card is taken outside. Of course it will be a little expensive at $ 50-150, but as shown by various tests, the external card is less distorted sound, and less noisy.

Also, many manufacturers are doing Multi-channel external sound card, which can in some cases to abandon the additional remote. The remaining components may be identical with a home studio (microphones, instruments, cables, etc.). Thus for little money ($ 1000) can create their own mobile studio weighing several pounds and be in any place convenient for you. Certainly needs to be properly fit to the software and constantly to improve their sound engineering skills, but that is another question, and this is already the second time. Thank you for attention, we hope that this article was useful for you!

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