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Contents of “All About the book a. The book by The first sections are basic tips for writers: what to read, where to complete the literary background, how to organize, write what works, how to generate ideas and develop them into a book, etc.. Followed by a chapter on the drafting of texts. Its purpose is to specify the tasks of the writer and provide tools that facilitate the writing language. It also discusses the rhetorical devices and the like. The movements and genres are considered from historical perspectives and conceptual. Over 16 chapters, you’ll find developed meticulously literary genres and sub-genres: poetry, novels, short stories, theater, film, nonfiction, humor, …Diagrams and practical examples, provide the keys to writing biographies, guidebooks, yearbooks for schools, cookbooks, mystery novels, legends, poems, popular science books, modern songs, scripts, etc.. A section on translation may be of interest to both writers and publishers and translators themselves. It discusses modern techniques of translation and its difficulties, providing theoretical and practical solutions. Likewise, there are price lists, references to software tools and specialized agencies in many directions. Grammar is an important pillar on which underpin good copy. In three chapters are the most frequent doubts clarified grammar writers and provides clear concepts about the most controversial issues of current Castilian.The latest standards and suggestions contained in the new Spelling Manual of the Royal Spanish Academy, are contained in these pages as well as challenges to the spelling system launched by the writer Gabriel Garc a M rquez in Congress Zapatec or considerations of other authors on the use of Spanish on the Internet. I have called peripheral texts of the book all the attachments that are outside the main text and that sometimes are missed by not knowing how to treat them properly: dating, introductions, notes, footnotes, bibliographies, texts cover, etc.. It is essential to know and be able to apply the tools a writer can have at their disposal: “Dictionaries: classic format, cd-rom and the Internet. -Computers: which machine to use, what program to choose, how to use them effectively, … -Video cameras, audio recorders, etc.-Documentation and treatment of various sources, fieldwork, reference books, libraries (how to use them, how to get there, what accommodations used in other cities, etc.).. The author writes itself, but not alone: an analysis of the writer, their circumstances, their rights and obligations is exposed as an invitation to reflection. On the problems of writer you will also find information: how to overcome the discouragement that occur while writing a book, what nickname should be used, and so on. There is a block of data on the relations between author and publisher: drafting of the publishing contract, the mutual demands, which or or literary agent for what … Intellectual property is the treasure of a writer. This must know the laws that protect it from plagiarism and how to use in their favor. It includes part of the Spanish legislation, such as Intellectual Property Law and Penal Code articles.There is also data on associations of writers and other items of interest. When an author feels a work is interesting and or, there is a drama. However, in the chapter The parallel tracks of the writer describes some solutions. The key question for many writers, is: How live the book Here are analyzed the long-awaited shower of millions, the priority on the quality or quantity in publications, copyright, sales rates by gender, ethics, violence, language, pornography, etc.. It openly addresses the thorny issue of literary contests: what it is made, the convenor, what are the possible fraud, … Also included in the list and details about the major competitions in Castilian. Some government grants passionately love, others hate them very much. But everybody is interested in knowing what they are, who the grant, where and how you request, examples of legislation and call, and so on.Success is the magic word. However, how much work must bring a writer to get and what personal price must pay for it While in Chapter 37 ends the book by the author, the pages that follow contain references of interest to the authors. Knowing in detail the work of publishers, printers, distributors and booksellers can provide new insights into who you want to write for publication. b.

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