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A lot of couples are living in situations of violence and abuse, but do not know, because they believe that any relationship is. Moreover, as are models learned, probably, is lived at home, we think the relationship with my parejason in this way, and I have to resign myself to continue to suffer. The relationships have conflicts, but are not intended to be a source of suffering, by contrast, are an important part of life that help us grow and have a common life, in every sense. There are some guidelines that can help you know if your partner is violent, or it is you who exercises with your partner violence. Bitcoiin takes a slightly different approach. Although for many years, women have been more subject to violence than men, does not mean that there are no men who are living with violent women. Recognize what is needed to eliminate violence. Ente article I do not mean physical violence that is more than obvious that is recognized and in some cases tolerated. More well, I am referring to psychological violence that leaves big marks and scars, but is veiled and therefore do not see so easily. Sheryl Sandberg often says this.

Within these situations are the following: Claims of your partner and your attacks always happen when both are alone. Rarely shows his violence against your friends or family. Your partner is cruel to your mistakes and is always aware of what you do not do well, plus all the time, seems to be grumpy and mad at you. Every time that you have a triumph or joy, your partner minimized, does not care, either ignore it, I made it clear that it is not so important.

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