Chief Adviser

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This professional in this case it is a therapist. The patient will show a clear incompetence to cater to the needs or of external reality. As auditores-terapeutas we must focus our efforts to change facing business Dome, is to say to the Board of directors itself, where without place to doubt there is a President of the Council (the patient), overwhelmed by the demands of his counselors and unable to make adapted decisions. The Chairman of the Board of Directors will call me and call counselors, SUPEREGO and reality. The this or child, is the Advisor representing the part more child and primitive form of impulse and desire. It is governed by the pleasure principle and represents what you want to be. The SUPEREGO or old, shows the most conservative aspects of the company (the patient) and in that sense represents the old.

The moral conscience developed in childhood through the assimilation of cultural patterns and family beliefs is (see tab 3). It is governed by what must be. At last We have to reality, as the Chief Adviser representing what is. It captures the outside world and is governed by the principle of reality. Photo with which we usually find therapists, is that of an empresa-paciente where the President (I adult) not presiding over anything and is absolutely overwhelmed, when not manipulated, by one of the counselors.

The reality does not exist and in the Council or this-child or the SUPEREGO-old manda. It is a complete mess. As asesores-terapeutas, the first thing we have to show him to the paciente-presidente, is the need for recruit to the counselor that is missing and that is called reality. In the first moments of a therapy, that principle of reality has to exercise therapist through his I observer (see tab 6), to try to bring order to the Board of Directors of the patient. We can lend you the patient, our principle of reality. As we see, the personality depends on the success the I (President) to achieve a good understanding between the demands of more instinctive of this, the social morality of the SUPEREGO and reality. If there are good negotiation, there is adaptation and if there is no adaptation there is neurosis. It therefore requires the President permanently, be able to negotiate between different psychic instances with their conflicting interests, adapting them to the reality.

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