Central Federal District

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According to Anton Kolpakov, General Director of the company to increase investment in infrastructure construction, especially fiber-optic communication lines, also planned to implement a project to establish a satellite data network in and Magadan region. Group Companies of Svyazinvest, which unites seven regional operators, the structure of which is a major long-distance and international communication "Rostelecom", continue to build networks regions, which was begun before the crisis. A "Center Telecom announced further investment program, which involves laying fiber-optic channels to almost every municipality of the Central Federal District. Crisis – the best time for innovation? After the August events in South Ossetia, as we know, many foreign investors were scaling down their program. Began in the Russian crisis has strengthened their outflow in part by provoking the collapse of stock. However, the trend seems to be reversed. Now rts fraction of active foreign buyers is growing almost faster than the number compatriot.

There are those who do not go to market, believing that his perspective is more important than political and speculative reason. Some Western companies tend to have long operating in Russia, felt that the crisis – is the best time to actively promote their technologies and productions. For example, the company , a European provider of solutions made of metal for construction and engineering, the continued development of the steel service centers are very popular in Europe and relatively weak prevalent in our country. It's not just the base metal trading, and the complex with its own production, warehouse, logistics and transportation services.

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