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Business cards in different colors are printed with virtually any storage device, any circulation for one hour, and most likely right in your presence. Business cards in Moscow – in full, from design layout, similar to want to offer you many printing houses involved in offset printing – That is, you come to the printers and go with a new set of colorful business cards. Digital printing of booklets. Also very popular service, mostly in the advertising companies involved in trade shows and more. Booklets – very demanded promotional product, so when providing the finished layout, booklet in Moscow is very fast. It is also possible and the urgent creation of a booklet by designers for one to two hours – if the printing company there are excellent designers, and the customer – the exact wishes and basic materials. Manufacture of leaflets. Click Oracle to learn more. Flyers – fairly inexpensive advertising medium, high demand and advertising professionals and direct advertisers.

If suddenly leaflets, prepared beforehand for the campaign, suddenly came to an end or were discovered a printing error – the operative printing – digital printing leaflets solve this problem very quickly. Likewise, many printing offer the opportunity to create the layout flyers – again, if you have the source code and the exact wishes of the design. Manufacturing flyers. Flyer – view leaflet perform additional functions or is invitation only. From the usual flyers flyer is a little different more elaborate design, with optional use of more sophisticated printing technologies, more heavy paper, and maybe format. Printing of flyers using offset printing helps out the organizers of various events, parties, speeches, ad campaigns, because you can not think in advance about where exactly to order printed invitations, paying attention to more important and critical issues and decisions facing every manager. Manufacturing crankbaits and labels.

Label – Business Card product that tells the customer valuable information about the destination, origin, name, composition and other characteristics. Label production – from layout to printing, a very important task, on which designers work. Label printing offset printing method is possible, if the layout is not provided for the use of complex technologies that require additional action Postprinting and equipment. Typically, operational print label is a small circulation – made labels for souvenirs or unique, designed for a small number of clients. In addition, the services of offset printing to print labels organizers often use promotional activities.

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