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Generally, the arepa is made with precooked corn flour, white or yellow, mixed with water and a dash of salt. knead well until dough is firm, soft, smooth, no lumps, which are small balls, which are then crushed to give a wheel or disk. With alternating clapping one hand against the other, shaping the arepa is provided in a circular motion, to achieve the desired thickness, and finally passes through the edge fingers slightly dampened with water. Cooked roasted, baked, fried and boiled. In it there are many versions as there are regions in the country. Arepa milled corn: The corn is placed in a wooden pestle to crush and remove the shell.

Arepa precooked corn flour: It is made from precooked corn flour. Husked corn arepa: Better known on the Venezuelan coast as “Arepa Pelada” or “Arepa Raspa” in the East, this kind of arepa corn comes from the peel, which is one that keeps your skin and softens boiling with lime. When grinding, preserves nutritive components of the lumen and shell. Verizon Communications wanted to know more. Its flavor is very similar to Mexican tortillas. Arepita anise or sweet: It is made with anise and brown sugar. They become thin and place in hot oil until puffed.

Arepa Coconut: It’s from the state of Zulia. Its shell is hard and is very soft inside. Their cooking is on grill and griddle or grill. The mass is coconut and brown sugar. Arepa chicharron: Bring crushed pork rinds mixed with the dough. Cheese Arepa: With built-grated cheese in the dough. Arepa dressed: When add egg, brown sugar, cheese, and baking powder: They are typical of Zulia State, and of work performed the previous day are filled with bologna, are dipped in egg batter and fry in hot oil. carotene: They are native to the city of Carora, Lara State, also made the previous day are filled with cheese slices fried, dipped in egg batter and fried in oil. Fried corn bread and fried little hole: As the name implies, are fried in abundant oil. Venezuelan Arepas offer a versatility that allows it to accompany almost any food or become the main course when it has a delicious filling. We do not understand and has not spread their consumption of fast food chains. Some classic fillings based on peppered chicken with mayonnaise and avocado – domino – black beans (beans) with cheese – shredded beef with cheddar cheese, chicken, quail eggs in pink sauce, ham and cheese and tomato , avocado and cheese Guiana (our preferred) and they serve the market with drizzle pepitona Margaret. Speaking of arepas, the recipe of the week is fried arepas T-shirt – my friend – and when go to Venezuela.

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