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The opening of the call center SCOUT test studios in Berlin call center SCOUT conveys contacts by potential customers to call center service providers. In addition, project requests are in regard to tested for feasibility and profitability. This can be evaluated not in theory. Therefore, call center SCOUT has decided to open a test Studio. Will in turn indecisive clients the benefits of an external service provider to provide, to design projects and success rates to validate, it was decided, to create a power team.

But where do you find the essential building blocks for a power team? Where will you discover the best of the good? Professional recruitment call center agents provides call center service providers to the part before a higher difficulty to find as new clients. The need for call center agents seems to be higher than the labour market there are here many times. Maybe the reason can be found in it, that employ many companies call center agents, the service neither write nor read or even exercise can. The solutions are obvious: employee development, promotion, and/or personnel marketing are just a few definitions that determine the core goal of modern HR departments. Thus, the urban metropolises offer the best rate for the making of personnel with potential.

Here are Munich, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Cologne and Berlin in the pitch. For the call center SCOUT Berlin founded deserves, not least the pitch by the entrepreneur perspective favourable rental situation. Who would like to visit a call centre employing top-class, is cordially invited.

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