Bavarian Agency

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Helmut head of the advertising agency. The maker. The brave. Stylishly dressed in fine thread as well as in casual jeans, an open shirt and leather jacket. With a penchant for unusual shoes.

His energy drives the team time and again. His swearing sounds through the corridors, if it gets stuck somewhere in between. His drive and his visions provide zest and lead to similar projects such as we are fashion”. As head of the team, it is his desire that our blog interview: strikes, like a bomb! Chris, the prudent, the talent without the profile neurosis. Nothing brings him from the rest.

He knows what he’s doing. Not the typical fashion victim who must try out every trend. A man of quiet tones and colors. His favorite parts are grey or blue shades. This includes the daily dose of jeans. He converts the optical and structural requirements for our blog. It always comes back with great new ideas. He has the eye for design. Olivia as Halbfranz Oesin brings her flair and spirit to our team. How it sets the Frenchwomen in the cradle, and is she stylish and fashion. Her look is contemporary and discreet. Without ever boring or set. So she is part of this project from passion and provide regular textual input and suggestions. “We are fashion” nice change to the daily business of the Agency is for them. Lisa Chick, the sunshine and the trainee of the Agency. Freshly arrived from Haldensleben, she quickly learned what so fashionable in the Bavarian metropolis. And sometimes ponders the big differences in terms of styling and brand presence. Very quickly she learned know the shopping options here and love. Her style is hip and young. Curious. Trend-oriented. Like something more colorful. In we are fashion”, she has discovered that writing is fun. Read what comes out of her pen, at least as much fun. We are looking forward to everything there. And to many fans and like-minded people. Click or join the Group on (WeareFashion).

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