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Yet, having met with the spirit, the customer collects a last effort in a fist and transforms into a desperate counterattack: "So you said, You promised Where can I get bail? How much do you have spoiled my nerves, "etc. Thinking and making a few calls, he nevertheless agrees to these conditions. But the client in this round may be a surprise when it turns out that for a loan he applied to several banks. And now – the culmination of the battle: at this stage, the client may be sent to the canvas by the bank when he still refuses to grant credit. This is possible if the bank learns that the official salary of the customer's minimum, possibly, Sa find something, or maybe just on the committee some of its members, being not in the mood, "cut down" the loan application. Much worse where the bank already issued a letter of guarantee for the loan and the borrower well designed data sheet on the car, suddenly refuses to credit for some re-finding.

Often, it is either negative credit history, or does not match information on wages actually. In this case, the aid is likely to come motor show, because car-it is already designed for the customer and the money for it has not received. And the client has already spent money on car registration in the mpeg (3% 400 $). The situation is very complicated and the upshot of it is always his own. The client here, too, could be interesting tricks. Understand what the manager did not achieve, he begins to seek assistance in the form friends, working or associated with the bank, to somehow influence the situation. If not found, then turns to the loan broker and questions begin to be addressed. In this scenario, costs will increase by another 500 $ -1500 $, but the results can surpass all expectations: the bank suddenly changes his attitude, and rang aunt tells you that the issuance of the loan tomorrow, no more documents do not need a passport, code and money on commission.

Here Some understand that the additional costs incurred anyway, but my nerves are not preserved. Many have criticized such work brokers say, is not lending, and "reshalovo. But the bankers themselves, and this situation created. If there is room for "Reshalova" means the bank is doing something wrong. Naturally, the latter does not apply to the broker with the use of illegal action.

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