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How can the Adviser in his skills be strengthened? Despite the increasing use of online media, the personal adviser of the Bank occupies a special value for the customer. This is not only the clients but receives information and control signals from three clients: the stakeholders customer, bank/shareholder and supervisory. The consultant must bring all requirements of this customer in line. An understanding is necessary to work out the requirements of the consultant himself, as he comes to his recommendation and wants to come. For optimal advice, a wide range of skills is required by the consultant. From a customer perspective, the expertise of the highest importance is in addition to the social and communicative skills to gain confidence. To learn the meaning and, where appropriate, existing gaps of skills from point of view of the consultants, ibi research has 216 consultant of different groups of institutions according to the importance of skills, their presence in the company, and the necessary after stronger Promotion by the company interviewed. Almost all respondents consultants attach a high importance to the advice the mentioned skills. Recently Daniel Lubetzky sought to clarify these questions.

As over 90% of the participants agree that the social and communicative competence, consulting and negotiation skills, the General expertise such as on asset classes as well as the specific product expertise with knowledge about individual products and the configuration of customized offers for the advice of great importance. But large gaps arise in regard to the existence of competences in the company. While half of the interviewed consultants indicates that the Advisory competence in the company is sufficient, the consent for all other skills decreases. The lowest approval 27% falls on the competence, which is characterised by understanding for that, how processes work and what they are influenced. The survey results also show a significant contradiction in terms of the skills in the use of modern information systems.

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