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Discover the after-work offer Avis, Avis offers this summer with a special offer. That is why it is called: way off the couch and into the perfectly formed leather seats of a 911 Coupe or a 911 cabriolet! Go and rent the Porsche 911 and you’re ready to go. Fat Porsches for the rush hour rent for this special offer can be rented on weekdays a new 911 convertible S or a 911 Coupe S since a short time from 16 to 50 stations in whole Germany. The Porsche is to have only 119,-on said evening sale. This one has to choose between different colors. All models are of course less than 6 months. What does one expect at the new 911? With the current 997 series more traditional characteristics of a 911ers were again underlined in vehicle design.

You missed this models, already painfully as the type 996. Especially the front fascia with the round headlights is reminiscent of the classic Porsche 911 as we know and like. In the 2009 model year, the 911 model series has undergone a facelift. In addition to optical Retouchings, as There are major technical changes modified air intakes and newly designed LED rear lights as well as LED day driving lights. So, the engines were converted to the 911 S to direct injection. This improves the performance on 239 KW (325 PS) and 420 nm.

It will be even better. In the 2009 series, the option X 51 was introduced, providing a further increase in performance. Then the summer unfortunately does not last forever but a beautiful evening! The Porsche after-work offer Avis applies only up to September 15, 2009. Therefore as soon as it can rent the Porsche 911 and Los jets. About us a request can be fixed and non-binding. Looking for more Porsche? The success of the sports car manufacturer is based on decades of experience in the automotive and motor sports.

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