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The wall is white. How much Believest in which is the wall white? The sky is blue. How much do you think that the sky is blue? Only understand that the sky is blue can not help you. How much do you think on this? Ten percent? A twenty percent? Ninety percent? Even with a ninety percent you’ve got a problem. Create a hundred per cent. You can’t believe in your true being to one hundred percent.

You can then believe 100 percent that the sky is blue. It is possible! This means that your mind is full. The Sun, moon, stars: everything is complete. One by one, every thing is complete. Your mind has substance, then the Sun, moon, stars, everything has substance, the same substance to your substance.

Thus it one by one, every thing has it: the substance. One by one, every thing is complete; one has one, every thing. The following: the substance, the name and shape become one. Therefore the substance already appears in all things. The sky is blue, the tree is green, the wall is white, all this becomes yours. Then you can do it all, in this point. So I hope that everyone try it, just don’t – know, try it, try it, try it, then your Center will become stronger, stronger, stronger. Then you can believe in your true being to one hundred percent. Then everything is clear. Therefore I hope you go right, you try it, try it, try it, soon attain enlightenment, and salveis all beings from suffering. Thank you. Anecdote Zen us reminds that Hui-k or requested to Bodhidharma and again she instructed him, but was always rejected. However, he continued sitting meditating outside the cave, waiting patiently in the snow with the hope that Bodhidharma finally give. Desperate at the end his left arm is cut off and presented it to Bodhidharma as a testimony of his anguished sincerity. Then Bodhidharma finally asked him what he wanted to. -Do not have peace in my spirit – said Hui k or-. I pray that you pacifiques. -Bring your spirit here and put it before me – he replied Bodhidharma – and I apaciguare you. – But when I look for my spirit can’t find – said Hui – k o. – here – is immediately retorted Bodhidharma. Already I have allayed your spirit. Original author and source of the article.

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