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The order has no importance, but it is important to do so step by step, by parties, slowly but surely. Help a soft music that inspires peace, harmony, calm (sounds of nature, special music, relaxation, etc) 4 – now that is relaxed begin to imagine what you want with all luxury of details. Imagine it if it is an object that is using it, enjoying him, compartiendolo with his friends, imagine your texture, colors, etc. If it is a situation, imagine instead of facts and enjoy with it, seeing that everything happens as you wish. 5. Keep that idea in your mind and make some statements always positive about what is imagining. For example: what good I feel at this moment, I love my new car sporty, red, convertible, etc what Nice is working with my colleagues, we are sympathetic, always help me and they are there for what I need I love life and I’m happy with what I have or what you think. 6.

There are to take into account that these statements should be as if what you want already had it, i.e. already has and is enjoying it. It is also very important that the phrases are not negative. 7. Then at the end, and according to the teachings of metaphysics can finish with one assertion like this: in harmony for the whole world, according to the divine will, under grace and perfect way. Thank you father that I already heard this way are asking that I want does not adversely affect other people, which is good for everyone and as far as possible, and in a perfect way, because you can bring something better what I want to. Perform often, daily meditations or two or three times a week to go acostumbrandose and you will see how everything in his life begins to make more sense. A tool that I have found and that helps me in my personal growth can see it here. Alex Rhaiklim original Autor and source of the article

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