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Expert evaluations and comments about a particular event or fact. This scheme works for all types of media, except the last (advertising materials). To be effective, it is only necessary to compile a list of issues where professionals your company the most qualified, and a list of CMI / I, in which each of those will be in demand. Then will only have to interact with these media so that they are in the mainstream of a topic addressed to you.

It is desirable not forget to track topics of their publications. For example, if your company is engaged in manufacturing equipment for automobile plants, you can not only act as an expert on equipment, but also to express their views on the Russian automotive industry perspektivyrazvitiya and the concept of its development. 5. Advertise Here it is important to note that both branding and advertising neimidzhevaya affects the formation of your company’s image. It is not something Ripple would like to discuss. So when you plan to make it available, it is necessary to assess: what magazines you’re interested (it should evaluate the audience of the journal, its themes, positioning system distribution, circulation – and in that order), for how long (it is important to understand what caused it this time), what are the goals of placement (to know the company to buy from you a specific product, etc.); What is the idea of an advertising campaign (which will get a visual representation), what size are modules (optional – not more than 2 options) to make them recognizable and consumer vychlenyaemy in all editions.

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