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Furama Express attacks!

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A few days ago I found in my mailbox a delivery notification, you know, when they come to hand over a package and you are not home often leave a note in order that you go look at post or quedeis and they must call another day. Well, I was not expecting any package (which already made me suspicious) and when I saw the delivery notice I thought: “Since there may be people who fall into this scam “.I do not need comment on everything fishy but I leave the piece of paper with the most curious: The boxes of day and time that I found at home are empty. The little cross is printed Absentee! ! I thought they did the messengers to boli .. . The back is completely blank when the policy is normally come from delivery of the company and other details. The website which give the right side there, and the server is to create pages charge, a bit stingy of Furama’s not A 905 phone number for a shipping company … And the strangest thing of all: AVAILABLE 24 HOURS A DAY!! Please, that’s the straw that broke the camel! Well, unless you Furama Express to become clear there is only a method for people to call the phone number and leave your two euros (or more) in the call and then not get anything for nothing. Alerted you are!

Pop Art

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“And what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so attractive” Richard Hamilton.1956. Halfway through the decade of the 50 starts to decline interest in the abstract expressionism of Jackson Pollock that was his strongest reference.Besides, the war and changing times that artists did turn their eyes to other vanguards such as Dada and Surrealism. Thus generated an ideological movement that emerged in the new interests and concerns, giving rise to a new art called, Pop Art This is given in two different geographical areas: the U.S. and the UK. Pop Art is characterized by the use of images and contents taken from mass culture imposed by advertising and the media. Stresses the iconographic value of the consumer society, identified by technology, capitalism, fashion, etc..Likewise, the objects are no longer to be thought of as unique serial products and fruit materials using modern technology such as plastic, urethane foam, acrylic paint, is developed through assemblies, film, comic , magazines, advertising, graphic design and their labels, the aesthetics of this art movement that became a benchmark for today’s society. In the United States, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns were the initiators of the movement. The first collages made with real household objects (needles rusty scraps of paper, etc..) And the second series of paintings depicting the flag of his country and targets.Likewise, other figures appeared as Richard Hamilton, who established the first work considered Pop, “What is it that makes today’s homes so different, So Appealing ” This book represents the main features of the Pop Art: decontextualization, incongruity, provocation and humor. In Britain, artists like David Hockney, began one of the most characteristic tendencies of the movement, paint trademarks, example his “Typhoo Tea. At the same time, artists like Roy Linchenstein widened the field of Pop Art, the latter with its immense oil paintings imitating cartoons of the comic. The move comes one of its most important with the emergence of Andy Warhol, who sought to remove the artwork from any sign of craft. Using means such as screen printing, with which he views from brands such as Coca-Cola and Campbell’s soup can.Also with “The Factory” was the impetus of the stars of music and television all these years. Thus the Pop Art movement determined what was done earlier as Dada and Surrealism, and completely breaks the notion that it was art, creating a new vision to the world that even today, is valid. Conversation History No. 007 Whereas now the cyber-space has become very important and marks one of the main features of contemporary society, I take the image of the smiley, (graphic symbol used in communications via email and serves to express the mood of the sender) to make it a sculptural representation in real space.


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is a woodcutter Sganarelle long black beard, witty, cheerful and drinker. He worked six years for a famous doctor, so he learned some rudiments of medicine and Latin. Martina, his wife is sick of his rascality and his punches, so I decided to take revenge. The opportunity is presented when with Valerio and Luke, servants of Gerontius, who walk in for a doctor to cure his daughter of his master. Martina then invents it Sganarelle is a prestigious doctor but a little eccentric. He says that sometimes denies your profession, and remember it again after a good beating. To convince his powers sanatoriums, Martina Sganarelle account that has revived the dead. Valerio Lucas and break apart to find the strange doctor, very happy and hopeful. We are cutting firewood, and though her outfit surprised rustic peasant attitude, no doubt the words of Martina. They explain their situation and ask you to join them.Sganarelle repeated again and again that he is not a doctor, so they beat Luke Valerio and until he admits. They start three Geronte’s house. The servants tell their master the incredible miracles that Sganarelle has done. The nurse says that the evil of Lucinda, daughter of Gerontius, is lovesick. Sganarelle entering the enclosure, is immediately amazed with the large size of the nurse, and tries several times to touch her and hug her, but Luke, the husband stops him. Then comes the sick, that just says’ hi men have. The fake doctor diagnosed that he has lost speech, and when asked about the cause of evil, invents a lengthy explanation Sganarelle full of medical terms, Latinos and others invented. All are pleased and delighted at the great knowledge of the doctor. Geronte seeks cure for his daughter, who has betrothed and groom expected to recover from the ill to marry her. Sganarelle bread recipe with wine, for holding her tongue like a parrot. The next day Sganarelle Geronte pays for their services.She later appears Leandro, true love, Lucinda, and pays Sganarelle for help. We note that the girl’s illness is a trick to avoid marriage with Horace, who, being richer than Leandro, is preferred by Geronte for her daughter. Sganarelle Leandro offers money and this accepts. Leandro pharmacist disguises and fake doctor comes close to where Lucinda. The patient recovers false speech and tells his father that Leandro only marry the man she loves. Geronte is angry and unyielding. Sganarelle then says he also has a cure for this condition. He tells the pharmacist to give you a remedy to Lucinda. The two lovers fled. Geronte hanged the impostor. Martina comes looking for her husband and finds that they will kill him. Leandro appear suddenly and Lucinda. They come to tell Geronte that Leandro has inherited a fortune from an uncle who has died. Geronte welcomes and accepts him as her husband. Sganarelle is saved from death and everyone is happy.Sganarelle forgives his wife for the sticks that made her suffer because she raised his status to become a doctor.

Soncino Castle

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The “Rocca” (strength in Italian) was built in the fifteenth century (between 1473 and 1475) commissioned by duca Galeazzo Maria Sforza. The final design is due to the military architect Bartolomeo Gadio Cremonese, mentre work were later followed by soncineses armories, reaching the final aspect that included nine towers along a mile of wall. The Sforza propietdad maintained until 1499 when it passed to the Venetians in 1522 suffered the siege of Lautrec, Marshal of France, which was to end up.After serving as a refuge for Francesco II Sforza, became the French and Spanish, losing its original function until the Milanese family of Stampa, that the marquis had r c ba Soncino a fief of Charles V, the destination residence. The last siege was in 1705 by Eugene of Savoy, mentre propritario the last in 1876, Marquis M. Cesare Stampa, donated to the Comune, who entrusted the restoration by architect Luca Beltrami. Entering from the west gate of the wall, after having passed the gulf, stands the fortress, built entirely in brick, consisting of two separate enclosures and pit quadrilateral with four towers, angular, reminiscent of the massive battlements. The particular and complex architectural design of the castle / fortress do consider one of the most interesting buildings of Lombardy. On several occasions the castle was used to film stage among which was the best known internationally Ladyhawke in 1985, although it is also important to mention “The profession of arms” by Ermanno Olmi best known for his much-awarded film “The Tree the Swedes’ and commented on one of my first post. Poster del film Ladyhawke



Tellez’s Hypothesis and the speculative faculty Ll the evidence suggests that even the mishap that killed Mourino and Vasconcelos was, or avionazo or “avionazo. At first glance, both options were likely at the outset be wise credible. In particular, the hypothesis of the attack looked acceptably consistent.The early evidence suggested rather than the bad faith of the citizens are saying as lightly those available in the hours following the occurrence of the incident (the enigmatic statement by the comptroller on a call-season, the testimony about a fire or light in the ship, landing in respect invested) and the indirect or contextual (the terrible destruction brought about by the fight against the drug mafia, the proximity of the passenger Mouri o with the first Mexican president who dares to confront them seriously, the reward offered publicly by the head of the passenger Santiago Vasconcelos, the quality of the electability of the former interior secretary who was challenged by a president too, etc.).. S ome inconsistencies of Luis Tellez Kuenzler presidential also added to the grounds immediately suspected an attack. First, their prominence.Nobody can ignore that the Secretary of Communications and Transport was quick to expose too much, just a few minutes of the tragedy, his reckless accident hypothesis. Long should have learned from aviation economist Dr. Luis Tellez since he was director of Treasury Planning to De la Madrid arriegar responsible for knowing the hypothesis that the life of one of the passengers had been publicly traded 5 million ! N Second, it seems clear that if we had planned the attack scenario with professionalism (something feasible, given the quality of two passengers), it was possible that his execution count on the complicity of staff of the unit that monopolizes the technical means to affect the flight of a jet: Tellez led precisely.As part of the eventual investigation of the two natural assumptions, it can be postulated that the former campaign manager, Ernesto Zedillo was quick to become judge of his own hypothetical case. (Such audacity is very light and in thrillers and detective novels.) I n the third place, again Luis Tellez. To reduce the reflection not ad hominem attacks, it should formulate the conjecture: T llez was high-flying politician in the last phase of priate, the issue of assassinations and corruption rampant: PRI is an old school, former democratic transition. So what -will be replicated. And at this point, the repute of the Mexican public servants … are suffering from the absence of a correct diagnosis of what was (is) be proud of PRI politician priate. (In fact, the PRI has never offered an apology to the citizens of the democratic transition so that was priate.Beatrice Bartlett, Gamboa and company strut, as if nothing memory governments which democratic nations considered semitotalitarios or outright totalitarian. But now assumed to be the moral judges of the transition negotiated by Luis H. lvarez left first and then-and every time they get!). T he hypothesis of the accident was weakened by the prominence of the economist Tellez and his improvisation as an expert in aeronautics. But in reality the Mexican press said with very few exceptions, perhaps out of pure habit-wrought-priate doggedly during the of “backing” The official version instead of investigating and reasoning of an independent and free. (It is not mere ingenuity of poor reporting, but psychological habit.

Centro de Estudios

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Centro de Estudios Financieros EFC .- The Center for Financial Studies is a private training centers and pioneering Business School in Spain. With a great tradition and a reputation solidly established within the publishing and training landscape of our country, the EFC began work in 1977. Since then he has been developing various training camps aimed at first-level professionals from public and private sectors. Currently, the CEF is based in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. CEF’s mission is to develop highly skilled professionals to meet the technical and managerial positions that the current social and economic fabric required. The EFC is the best professionals for both private enterprise and to access government. Throughout its 32 years of existence more than 300,000 students have passed through its halls. The CEF is also the chief sponsor of the Open University of Madrid, UDIMA ( of activity include the preparation of Competition, Masters and Graduate courses, training for companies and specialist publications.

Season 5

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In the fifth season Pam is spending time in New York to try his luck in the world of art. That view is not as talented as she thought, but above all, really miss Jim and his hometown, Scranton. Furthermore, Toby’s replacement, Holly, has a brief relationship with Michael, after he left to Jan in the last episodes of season four. Michael despite his flamboyant personality and his unorthodox methods, is at the forefront of the most successful subsidiary company in times of recession the U.S. economy. Corporate Management, knows and wants to decipher the secret of his success. The truth is that the base of this team is very proactive. Its sales force is very efficient and with Michael, a former “star salesperson”, as head. Pam and Jim undertake to marry. It also ends the relationship between Angela and Andy when he learns of the hidden relationships she had with Dwight.The problem is being addressed with a duel between two lovers who wins Andy, however, Angela is alone. The decision of the Corporate Management, Holly transferred to other subsidiaries of Dunder Mifflin, not just end with this short list, but eventually Michael is going to generate personal conflicts to the company, whose outcome will be his resignation. Toby returns from Costa Rica. In resigning, Michael, forms a new company which I called The Michael Scott Paper Company (paper company Michael Scott), for which he manages to recruit Pam Dunder Mifflin waiver with him, Ryan and the fellow who was employed part time at a Bowling Scranton after his departure from Dunder Mifflin for an alleged trip to Thailand, whose real destination was Fort Lauderdale – Fla.The chapter by Michael Scott Paper Company has a different introduction to the others, as in the presentation of the actors do not show scenes from the offices of Dunder Mifflin, but those of The Michael Scott Paper Company which is located in the warehouse area and amenities Scranton Business Park building, home of Dunder Mifflin, Vance Refrigeration and WB Jones Heating Air among others. The outcome of this undertaking is not feasible spectacular, The Michael Scott Paper Company accounts captures important Dunder Mifflin (until then the most successful subsidiary company) and sparked panic in the Dunder Mifflin Corporate Management. This forces them to sit at a table to negotiate with Michael Scott. Michael returns as Regional Manager and Pam going to be selling his previous post as receptionist was taken by Erin, a new character. The seasonal closure in the Dunder Mifflin Inc. Picnic brings some surprises: a new branch is closed (Buffalo, NY) and Pam is pregnant with Jim.

History of Preimplantation

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History of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis in Spain since 1990 published the first cases of children born after preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) through their consortium has DGP results compiled annually and 12,397 cycles developments that led to 2027 newborns through October 2005. The first compilation of data from this group included a total of 392 PGD cycles performed until September 1998 and the latest publication includes a total of 3358 PGD cycles performed only during 2004 in 45 affiliated centers, which shows the increase in the number of couples who undergo such treatment. Nationally, the Department of Cell Biology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona was a pioneer in this field, particularly in cytogenetic studies using FISH.The first publication of a pregnancy achieved in Spain by DGP was conducted jointly by this group and the Dexeus Institute in 1994 in a couple where the woman was a carrier of hemophilia. In 2001, Jimenez Diaz Foundation Dr. Alfonso de la Fuente and Dr. Esther Fernandez (currently Director of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Geniality) achieved the first birth of a child, child of a parent with Huntington’s chorea, free of genetic inheritance that would develop the disease in the future. The application of this technique has spread to other centers in various autonomous communities.Finally progress in molecular genetics in the characterization of specific mutations in a large number of monogenic diseases, given the chance to go adding to the list of those diseases diagnosable by PGD diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis first performed by the group at the UAM in collaboration with the IVI and the emergence of other diagnostic centers in Barcelona and in Valencia. In 2009 it developed a new technique of preimplantation genetic diagnosis using microchips, called aCGH (array CGH)

In defense of fundamental rights on the Internet

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Given the inclusion in the Draft Law on Sustainable economy of legislative changes affecting the free exercise of freedom of expression, information and the right of access to culture through the Internet, journalists, bloggers, users, professionals and developers Internet express our firm opposition to the project, and declare that: 1 – The copyright can not be above the fundamental rights of citizens, including the right to privacy, security, the presumption of innocence, to effective judicial protection and freedom of expression. 2 – The suspension of fundamental rights is and must remain the exclusive competence of the judiciary. Not a closure without a sentence.This blueprint, contrary to the provisions of Article 20.5 of the Constitution, put in the hands of a non-judicial body, a body under the Ministry of Culture, the power to prevent Spanish citizens access to any website. 3 – The new legislation will create legal uncertainty around the Spanish technology sector, damaging one of the few areas of development and future of our economy, hindering the creation of business by introducing barriers to competition and slowing its international expansion. 4 – The new proposed legislation threatens to hinder new creators and cultural creation. With the Internet and the successive technological advances has dramatically democratized the creation and issuance of all types of content that no longer come predominantly from traditional cultural industries, but from many different sources. 5 – The authors, like all workers are entitled to live on his work with new creative ideas, business models and activities associated with their creations. Trying to hold with legislative changes to an outdated industry that can adapt to this new environment is neither fair nor realistic. If your business model is based on the control of the copies of the works and the Internet is not possible without violating fundamental rights, they should find another model. 6 – We believe that cultural industries need to survive modern alternatives, effective, credible and affordable to suit new social uses, rather than limitations so disproportionate as to be ineffective in that they are pursuing. 7 – Internet should function freely and without political interference sponsored by groups that seek to perpetuate outdated business models and make it impossible that human knowledge remains free. 8 – We demand the Government to guarantee by law the net neutrality in Spain, before any pressure that may occur as a framework for developing a realistic and sustainable economy for the future. 9 – We propose a real reform-oriented intellectual property rights to an end: return to the knowledge society, promote the public domain and limit abuses of the managing bodies. 10 – In a democracy the laws and their amendments should be adopted after due debate and having consulted all parties involved. It is unacceptable that legislative changes are made that affect fundamental rights in a non-organic law and deals with another matter.

Private life and

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Private life and family problems True to his reputation as unruly, wild and extravagant eccentricities Vandenbroucke starred in numerous outside of racing in his later years. Engaged in 1999 with their first partner, Clothilde Menu, with whom she had a daughter, Cameron, in February of that year, Vandenbroucke met a year later which was eventually his wife, model Sarah Pinacci, with whom, after matching for the Tour of Spain 1999, where he was serving as hostess Pinacci Saeco team, married on 22 October 2000. Both went to live in Lebbeke, near Brussels, the beginning of a relationship full of ups and downs and not just mutual coexistence, despite having a daughter together, named Margaux, the deal between the two ended in July 2006 . In the midst of an argument, Vandenbroucke fired into the roof of his house with a shotgun, after which Pinacci fact filed for divorce and threatened to leave, taking their daughter.Jean-Jacques, Vandenbroucke’s father, said his son had tried to scare Pinacci by telephone, simulating a suspected suicide after which the couple called police and showed up at his house, prompting the discussion. In 1999, Vandenbroucke had been hospitalized because of depression, after the suspension it imposed on his team. Three years later, in 2002, Vandenbroucke was twice deprived of his driving license after testing positive in two alcohol tests, the second of which yielded a rate of 1.8 grams of alcohol per liter of blood. A year later, Vandenbroucke made repeated public appearances in which he appeared to be using drugs.In 2006, after being fired from his team,, was presented at a race fan from northern Italy with a false license, which was the name of Francesco del Ponte-Italianization of his own name – and a photo of Belgian cyclist Tom Boonen. Vandenbroucke was discovered and expelled when, according to witnesses, one kilometer from the finish and outstanding marching ahead, turned, literally, with the intention of going home . A year later, on 6 June 2007, Vandenbroucke was rushed to hospital with poisoning by ingestion of drugs. According to his team’s sporting director, Lorenzo di Lorenzo, Vandenbroucke had attempted suicide, a fact denied by him a day later. However, the statements of his psychologist, Jef Brouwers, confirmed the suicide attempt of the rider, originally attributed to the knee injury had kept him inactive since the winter of 2006, preventing, participate in the Giro d’Italia.Vandenbroucke admitted, days later, they actually had tried to commit suicide, partly because of his continuing problems sports, but also by his desperate family situation with a marriage in the process of separation and away from his daughters. All this is Frank’s own story in his autobiography published in April 2008.

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