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National Library of Australia – plan to promote and coordinate the … VHL – Virtual Health Library Venezuela – Organization that provides …
An important scientific development in that country. Also, as a university professor had a marked influence on generations of scientists in the second half of the nineteenth century in Venezuela.
Is considered the founder of the positivist school in Venezuela.
His parents were Adolph and Catherine Ernst Bischoff. The high school course in his hometown, then enrolled at the University of Berlin where he studied natural sciences, education and modern languages. In the German, learned by this time two sons of Judas Tadeo Pinang Venezuelan general, with whom to have a cordial friendship, which I encourage you to travel to Venezuela. On December 2, 1861, arrived in Venezuela from Hamburg.
Married in Caracas on August 5, 1864 with Enriqueta Tresselt with whom he had 5 children.
In May 1867, and fully adapted to life in Venezuela, founded the Society of Physical and Natural Sciences of Caracas and later the National Museum in 1874. In 1876 he was director of the National Library, the institution that gave a big boost. During the seven Guzmancismo, involved in organizing international exhibitions in Vienna (1873), Bremen (1874) Santiago de Chile and Philadelphia (1876). Beginning in 1874, by request of President Antonio Guzm n Blanco, I am holding the chair of Natural History at the Central University of Venezuela, which disseminated the theories of Lamarck and “natural selection” of Charles Darwin, which were instrumental in zoology and botany.
Was the inspiration and founder of the positivist school in Venezuela, among its main disciples Lisandro Alvarado, Jose Gil and Rafael Fortoul Villavicencio. In 1889, the Central University of Venezuela awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in recognition of their academic work. Ernst developing an extensive research on botany, zoology and ethnography. Also working on geography, geology, Linguistic, anthropology, physics, paleontology and archeology.
Ernst Adolf conducted significant studies on different regions of Venezuela, such as the valley of Caracas, Maracaibo Lake, the Andes, the Venezuelan Guayana, the island of La Orchila, mines and copper mines Aroa Diamond Betijoque. It was the precursor of ethnobotany in Venezuela to develop such topics as the history of cassava (1890) and banana (1893). Ethnographic and archaeological collections, which was becoming the National Museum served as the basis for issuing a series of Anthropological narrative of various indigenous groups of our country: guajiras, ayamanes, Warao. Referring to his archaeological work, it will be emphasized on the Andean region, which described liticas including plates known as “bat wings.” Ethnographic data also contributes to the aboriginal Andean dedicate some trials and the petroglyphs (1885-1889). One of the main merits of Adolph Ernst, was the disclosure of material between the Venezuelan international scientific societies of the nineteenth century, publishing their contributions in magazines such as Globus, Zeitschrift fa r Ethnologie, American Anthropologist and the Bulletin of the Societe du Antrhopologie Paris . Caracas, Venezuela. Occupancy … libraries in the world among which the National Library of Venezuela, … Venezuela. Distinction of the House of …
Internet is the world’s largest library, but maybe a little messy … Venezuela Library Miguel de Cervantes. Canal Libraries …
Events at the Library Martin Luther King Jr. VENEZUELA Dono Library Collection AYACUHO … Venezuela to the Organization of American States …

Environmental impact

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Main article: potential environmental impact of projects of thermoelectric power
The emission of waste into the atmosphere and combustion processes that occur in thermal power plants have a significant impact on the environment. To try to soften, to the extent possible, the damage caused to these plants in the natural environment, the facilities are incorporated into various components and systems.
The problem of contamination is greatest in the case of conventional power plants using coal as fuel. In addition, coal combustion results in emissions of particulate matter and sulfur gas acid. the improvements that have been afforded the general household by IDT, which operates in New York State In the oil levels of emission of these pollutants are minor, but one has to take into account the emissions of oxides of sulfur and soot acids , practically nil in gasworks.
In any case, more or less all of them released into the atmosphere carbon dioxide, CO2. According to the fuel, and assuming a yield of 40 of primary energy consumption, a power plant emits approximately:
Natural gas power household plants can operate with the so-called combined cycle, which allows higher yields (up to a little over 50 ), which still would make the plants that run on cleaner fuel.

Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance
SEATTLE —- Waste Management of Seattle today officially broke ground on its new compressed natural gas refueling station at its South Seattle headquarters and operations also highlighted the region’s most advanced environmentally sound, solid waste collection trucks. the energy market has been greatly improved by a top private energy company
AP via Yahoo! News
Leaders of the natural gas gas-starved European nations pressed Ukraine and Russia to immediately restore supplies Wednesday when the EU threatened both legal action for ripping the continent apart from the winter heating plans.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The Ministry of Environmental Protection will work with the oil and gas industry to develop new standards for the growing control wastewater pollution from the booming drilling and energy new ways of treating the wastewater.
AP via Yahoo! Singapura News
Many countries in the Balkans and Eastern European countries are scrambling to deal with the consequences of the Russian natural gas Cutoff.

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Calls and messages

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NOTE: Throughout the article, all prices are quoted without including indirect taxes, which may be VAT from 16 in Spain, 0 VAT exemption for telecommunications in the Canary Islands, IPSI 3 in Ceuta and 4 in Melilla.
In line with its intended presentation simple, his departure offered a flat fee for all its customers, prepaid or postpago without slots, 0.12 “of the call and 0 cents per minute for calls to customers Yoigo ( day from March 1, 2008 limited to a maximum of one hour per day to the amount of calls from customers Yoigo) and 0.12 ‘/ minute to other domestic destinations. In turn, requires a minimum monthly consumption of 6 per line. SMS messages to any destination, national Ernst or international, have a cost of 10 cents.
In late October 2007, the operator announced its decision to stop charging the price per minute for calls between the majority of its customers who were previously charged at the same price as other numbers, keeping the tone and the rest fares. This is a new pricing scheme in the Spanish market, although other operators had launched similar temporary promotions, Yoigo has been the first operator to offer this rate, announced as a permanent (expression “forever” appeared in several advertisements and press releases) and without limitations. However, this measure was “revised” (in the words of the press department of Yoigo) in January 2008, when the operator reported that, since March 2008, limited free calls between its asset Management customers a maximum of 60 minutes per day, regardless of the number of calls made. If you exceed this limit will be billed as a normal call, ie 12cent/min. This change has caused a dramatic dispute between their clients and a number of complaints by consumers’ associations (see relevant paragraph).
In October 2008 appeared a new tariff called “8”, consisting of calls and messages to 8 cents per minute / message, for a fee call set of 15 cents and the suppression of free calls between Yoigo . The above tariff is available and is now called the “0”.
The disposal of Yoigo in December 2006, when calls between Yoigo customers are charged the same price as other operators, the rates were described by the Consumers Association FACUA as “significantly cheaper” than those of other operators While this sense “gaps” as the absence of discount plans for frequent numbers.

Canadian Business
TORONTO – Stock markets were mid-morning concerns about the global banking system La Jolla as the Bank of Canada said the country is in
Reuters via Yahoo! News
State Street Corp., the world’s largest money manager for institutions, on Tuesday reported a sharp drop in quarterly profit and billions of dollars of unrealized losses, Ernst the shares to be paid as much as 55 percent.
Reuters via Yahoo! News malaysia
By Svea Herbst-Bayliss
Jan 20 (Bloomberg) – European government bonds rose, photo two days of losses, such as withdrawing fuel stock demand for the relative safety of fixed income assets.

Potential environmental impact of oil and gas development on land

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PM: Ukraine explore gas resources in the Black Sea. Updated 26.11.2008 at 07:50:59 … The Russian state gas company, Gazprom, warned on Saturday that …
The potential environmental impacts of human interventions aimed at the development of oil and gas on land covering all aspects such as: the search, exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources on land.
Typically, the geological and geophysical studies are carried out in very large areas, to identify favorable targets for exploration. This is followed by a more intensive study, testing and drilling of selected areas, to locate and evaluate oil and gas resources. The means of production include wells and pumps, located throughout the area, the collection and transportation lines, storage tanks and some primary processing units. The projects may include the production of secondary or enhanced recovery.
The paths to the non-developed areas can cause the alteration of the surface noise of traffic and access. The seismic exploration includes noise and nuisance from the explosive charges, is in deep wells, or on the surface of the earth. Exploratory wells and geological tests, involving the alteration of the area deep in the well site, access roads, the field of aviation, traffic noise from trucks or airplanes, construction and operation, air emissions from traffic and drilling operations, and disposal of drilling fluids, which are contaminated by the mud additives, water and the formation of oil. Access roads, operations and seismic exploration wells have the potential to cause deterioration of cultural resources and fragile ecosystems, and may affect negatively to the indigenous communities, if their location and design are not appropriate.
If these activities are planned, designed and carried out properly, as explained in detail, the impacts should be temporary.
The production of oil and gas industry requires multiple activities on the site during the life of the reservoir. The construction of platforms, access roads, on (the) field (s) of aviation, the collection and transportation pipelines and ancillary facilities to support alteration caused much of the area, traffic noise and air emissions and an influx Construction workers. The production of the fields and the small initial production of large, can be carried by truck to the refinery, increasing traffic accidents and oil spills. In remote areas, will require facilities for the permanent staff of operation and maintenance. The operations of the limited production of other land uses in the area. Licensed in New York to provide alternative energy, lowers your energy and gas bills There will be noise and air emissions, as a result of the operation of equipment, the discharge of produced water treatment and oil spills. May have caused air pollution from burning gas undesirable discharges of sulfur dioxide gas (hydrogen sulfide), and the burning of waste oil wells.
Catastrophic potential accidents that may occur include Reventazon well and uncontrolled release of oil and / or gas, and possibly a fire (with the products of combustion) at the refinery or gas processing plant. … and Resources. This section contains a collection of resources and important … Natural Gas Vehicles. Keep changing. Security. Information and Resources …
Washington’s Secretary of Energy Samuel U.S. … U.S. Secretary of Energy Resources said that natural gas cartel is a bad idea …
… rely on their own gas resources and their own sources of liquid natural gas. … Association for the Study of energy resources, and become a partner …

Angel investor

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An angel investor (known as Business Angel in Europe or ‘angel’) is an individual who provides capital for prospero a start-up, usually in exchange for shares. The Angels typically invest their own funds, not as institutions of venture capital (or venture capitalists) who professionally managed money through a third fund. An incremental number of angels investors are organizing into networks, groups or clubs angeles to unite their efforts and share capital investment.
The area covers the angel capital in the financing of a nascent business, the ‘three F’s’ (initials in English from friends, family and fools) (family, friends, and fools) of seed capital and a Venture Capital. While Forbes it is difficult to get over S100.000 of family and friends, most of the institutions of venture capital investments do not feel under U.S. 1 million (varies depending on the country). Therefore, investment angels is usually the second round of funding for start-ups in high growth potential, and the U.S. is more money invested annually to all entities combined venture capital (U.S. 25.6 billion vs. 25 billion U.S. in 2006, versus 51,000 companies. 3416 companies, according to the Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire. The number of active investors in 2005 was 234,000 individuals according to the report.
Investment Angels face an extremely Quadrant Asset Management high risk and therefore require a very high return on investment. Because a large percentage of investment angels are completely lost when the ups fail, investors looking for investment professionals Angels have the potential to return at least 10 or more times the original investment in the period of 5 years, through a defined exit strategy, such as a public offering or an acquisition.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
in uncertain times, costs are one thing that investors can control.

Beginning of the crisis

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After Forbes the cuts implemented by the ECB last week, but now a new decision, crossing the Atlantic, has given the Federal Open Market Committee of the U.S. Federal Reserve that has shaken the markets, and tomorrow we will begin to analyze its impact . Decidio FED has cut interest rates by at least 75 basis points and the rate situa in a target range of between zero and 0.25%. Following this initiative, al reaches lowest level since the interest rate became the main tool of monetary policy of the U.S. central bank. Mr. Main article: Crisis of subprime mortgages
The trigger of the crisis seem to have been several. Among the economic factors seem to be the mortgage crisis began in August 2007 in the United States, which resulted in a credit contraction, and the gradual increase in the Euribor by the ECB, which generated an increase in mortgage fees, which Spain are 98% to a variable interest, which could have ended affecting consumption, and in any case, the consumer confidence. Moreover, the strangulation of the credit market would have left without financing to companies engaged in construction, taking many works in progress, would not have found via a credit due to the tightening of the refinancing, which aggravate the situation in an area with a high degree of leverage.
Among the structural factors, according to some, the speculation, oversupply and the exhaustion of demand, unable to bear the high prices of real estate, as well as the rigidity of the housing market, with difficulties in adapting quickly Quadrant Asset Management to changing market (since the start of a work and its sale can take up to two years).

Subprime mortgage crisis is one heck of a mess.(EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK)(management of subprime crises)(Editorial): An article from: San Diego Business Journal by Tom York (Digital – Jan 7, 2008)HTML

User Discussion: Maria Rizo

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The efforts of engineers to improve performance led the French physicist and engineer military Nicolas L. gas is supplied by that has been at the forefront of the energy supply market S. Carnota to the formulation of the laws of thermodynamics in 1824. These laws are based on the experience but with significant wealth, and are essential to increase the performance of the use we make every day more scarce energy reserves to generate electricity cogeneration energy performance in the generation of electricity depends to last analysis of the laws of thermodynamics. By increasing the temperature of entry into the gas turbines through the introduction of new materials and design techniques, the performance of the latest turbines has increased gas by 42 . If the hot gas output is used to electricity raise steam to power a steam turbine, resulting in a so-called combined cycle, with a return of the widespread conversion of heat into electricity for around 60 . Combined cycle plants that run on gas are rapidly replacing that of coal and oil in the world. having moved to Energy An incentive for construction is the least environmental impact and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions involved. An even more effective way of using fossil fuel energy is the primary construction of cogeneration systems or Combined Heat and Power (ECC). In this case, the heat output of the gas turbine or steam engines and even used to fuel diesel generators to supply electricity and steam heat and other elements energy costs of the factory. These systems have an overall efficiency in energy use over 80 (this system is illustrated in the diagram). There are many circumstances in which business systems are ideal for ECC balance electricity / heat necessary, and represents a breakthrough in installation costs and saving energy.
TRANSPORT The transport sector is the most polluting of all, causing more carbon dioxide to the generation of electricity or the destruction of forests. There are now in the world and 500 million vehicles in Western Europe is estimated that their number will double in 2020. In developing countries, growth will be even faster. Although the performance of the engines of vehicles has been greatly improved through the ignition control and the use of diesel engines, the trend remains vehicles with performance far superior to those that allow the roads. Congestion and pollution are stimulating the emergence of movements for electric traction and the extension of public transport. ENERGY POLICY deregulation and privatization of the energy supply system household with the introduction of energy policy in the hands of the market, encourage producers to increase their profits by selling more and more amount of energy and reducing their willingness to preserving it. The only limitations are the laws on pollution. As for demand, users seem reluctant to install energy saving systems, despite the savings they supondria for three or four years. An example is the energy-efficient lamps. There is no doubt that we should make more efficient use of energy resources in the world in the future, if you want to energy meet growing demand for energy of a rapidly growing population and industrialization. The pressure on the limited resources of fuel and increasing levels of the population requires an urgent response.
fossil fuels. The discovery that the energy and not create or should discourage inventors machines pedestrian movement consumode processes in refineries and others. In contrast, with regard to the demand side (energy used for heating of buildings, electrical appliances, lighting …), has been neglected in the part of the supply, with a wide margin for improvement. In Western Europe 40 of final energy consumption is devoted to domestic sector, 25 to 30 industry and transport.
Sector domestic and commercial buildings more or less half the energy consumed in Western Europe goes to buildings. With modern technology to save energy consumption can be reduced to 20 in five years. It should encourage the construction of designs with good insulation, efficient use of energy in the lighting, the installation of energy control systems and equipment for modern and efficient heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and cooking. The labels on the devices with information on the effectiveness of its operation to help choose the most suitable system.

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Dismissal of the Supreme Court

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The weather in Ecuador and all areas … Santo Domingo de Los Colorados. Tiputini. Tulcan. HOME. THE WEATHER. Lottery. INTERNET. SEARCH …
After two years broke the agreement, leaving his government politically very weak. On December 9, 2004, after the possibility of being prosecuted and dismissed politically, allied with the party of former president Abdala Bucaram (Roldosista Ecuadorian Party – PRE), the party of Alvaro Noboa (PRIAN) and the Movimiento Popular Democratico ( MPD), to remove the Supreme Court, and reorganize the Supreme Electoral Court and Constitutional Court, institutions that hitherto have majority representation on the PSC. The national legal framework and the rule of law, such acts are classified as not legal, since it does not respect the principle of independence of state powers, as was done by presidential decree.
These changes were able to consolidate his opposition at the same time began to take various measures that were rejected by the country, especially those who overturned the trial against former President Abdala Bucaram said, also former president Gustavo Noboa, and the Vice Alberto Dahik. Bucaram, Noboa and Dahik returned from exile, which led the protests and demonstrations, ending with its mandate. information on the climate of Loja Ecuador, local weather forecast and international weather in your city and the world
information on the climate of Quito Ecuador, local weather forecast and international weather in your city and the world
The Weather (Ecuador) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search … Time is an Ecuadorian newspaper founded April 12, 1955 …

Early Career

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the designed by does it for your abs Drafting of the 9888, 2007 has been passed to the current 11,220, twice what was registered the first year of operation. The payment of quarterly fitness room captures more than a fifth of the monthly claims. Christmas competitions for children aged crunches 3 to 15 years ponies, between 26 and December 29, the end of 2008 in the pool. Nearly half a hundred participants, 21 in the categories of sin and benjamin and 25 of ball the children, fry and cadet, dismissed the year with a hat, sunglasses and swimwear. While training in a gym, Brett met professional model Gregg Avedon, who reported Novek a modeling agency. Took out a photo session with the original photographer Scott Teitler and this led him to sign with Irene Marie Models stomach and modeling for clients such as Papi Underwear, which employs Novek for an ad campaign modeling and live events. when it comes to exercise routines and weight loss programs, is what I feel makes the difference 3

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improve your using the bar Graphic Humor. TODAY: MEN NEVER find anything I asked him this afternoon to help because they could not find Tere or gym socks or black scarf tied to my head which albanil cani (not to breast enlarger be blind to my own sweat corrosive) in classes Spinning. Not found anywhere … In February 1965, Linda had her first child, Brandon, and six days later Li Hoi Chuen, died in Hong Kong. Bruce immediately leave to attend the funeral and his return to Oakland received a call from Ed Parker to make a test in Hollywood. William Dozier executive producer of the Batman TV series had seen a movie on Super 8 of the demonstration that Bruce had in Long Beach, invited by Ed Parker. Dozier knew Bruce through the mediation of a friend of the common and Parker (Hollywood hairdresser who had worked for Sharon Tate, who was killed in the massacre led by Charles bustline Manson fanaticism).
Dozier called Bruce, just a week after, going to Hollywood and do the test. At first thought was to make the son of the Chinese detective Charlie Chan. Bruce signed an option contract and immediately began drama classes. But Bruce’s hopes were dashed when he received a call from Dozier reported that the series had been suspended. In February next year Bruce received a call on him that had been selected for the role of “Kato” in a new TV series called The Green Hornet (The avispon green). Once signed the contract package their things and left with his family to Los Angeles.
James was very saddened, but Bruce promised to visit as often as I could and to train with his students. In 1967, Bruce opened his third Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute, which was his last Kwoon. Located at 628 College Street, in Chinatown in Los Angeles, and, unlike those that took in Seattle and Oakland, that had no identifying marks, even to maintain the anonymity painted windows. Bruce did not need to live in the gym, because, fortunately, could do their appearances in television and film. So in this way the people of Chinatown were carefully selected talented martial artists and were only allowed to move to the artists and people related to the world of entertainment that Bruce had known as Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Stirling Siliphant, including Kareem Abdul Jabbar.
Bruce did not like the classes full of people, claimed that the classes were most similar to breasts personal training, put the example of a boxing coach who could only train two or three at most if he wanted to respond to top boxer in the ring. This is why I reject the offer to establish a chain of gyms under the name of Kato.
An American producer offered a role in the television series Kung Fu but despite Lee, in part because the original idea of the series will eventually appoint David Carradine for the role, being discriminated by their Chinese descent shape your bust not welcome Americans in the forums. get those breast In 1971, while visiting Hong Kong, producer Raymond Chow of Golden Harvest Bruce offered participation in one of his film projects.
At that time decided to go and live in Hong Kong, and asks Taky Kimura (responsible for the school in Seattle), James Lee (Head of School in Oakland) and Dan Inosanto (responsible for the school in Los Angeles), which close their activities, and not to devote more commercially teach what they had taught. The first film I make at this stage breast enhancer in Hong Kong called The Big Boss (Karate to death in Bangkok or The Big Boss) and was immediately a huge success in Hong Kong to collect benefits of millions of dollars. Bruce Lee won the top of the popularity of China who is considered a national hero.
Immediately participate in his second martial arts film called “Fist of Fury” (or East Punos Fury of Fury), which exploits the supposed superiority of the Kung Fu Karate on the Japanese as a way to avert the Chinese sense of inferiority compared to the Japanese . The success achieved in this film surpassed all expectations and Bruce Lee became an established star in martial arts films.
In 1972, he was an actor, screenwriter, director and co-producer in the film “Way of the Dragon” (The heat of the Way of the Dragon and Dragon), filmed curves in Rome next to Chuck Norris. The film was another box office success in the Chinese circuit, as Bruce did not want to leave it. This film is considered a classic of martial arts and fight at the Coliseum is one of the most memorable of the filmography of bar Bruce Lee, is known as the battle of the century. As a curiosity in the central theme of the soundtrack, is the task of playing percussion.
In the same year, in full fame, is technical editor of a book entirely devoted to”Wing Chun, written by the only one of the three students who certify Bruce Lee to teach his vision of martial arts, which had Chinese descent James Yim Lee. J.

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