Zanpakut ‘

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The zanpakut ‘of Amagai is (”). Raika When it is released, it takes the form of a long sword with a hook at the tip. This zanpakut ‘is the fire element, so it can channel fireballs or even create pillars of fire from the depths of the earth. The form of bankai Raika is called Raika G’en Kaku (””’), which extends his sword and creates a large shield-shaped shell, with which to defend the attacks. Besides, it is able to channel a huge amount of Reiatsu creating even dragons of fire. His bakk’t ‘is shaped like a dragon and a sword is double-edged green. When freed his right arm covered with an armor and a green energy flows through the tip of his arm. His power is to deny the powers of the zanpakut ‘, making it a lethal weapon against the Shinigami.

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