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Naturally the first mention that xbox 360 games do not come – it's trailers or other evidence that you can see and be satisfied with what they saw. For example, Gears of wars 3 confirmed, but still want to know a lot about what xbox 360 games are waiting for us in the future – let us briefly think about it! 10. New bald HitmanBlood Money made a successful debut and was recognized as the Xbox 360 users. Let's imagine that the io Interactive released a new Hitman specifically for next-generation platforms. In my opinion, ideal for the promotion of the game. 9.

Knights of the Old Republic 3Poka only know that a fellow LucasArts about a year ago, "blurted out" on the development of kotor 3, that was all and decayed. 8. Goldeneye XBLAEto game that is nostalgic for his youth and games of that time – We believe that it can be resurrected! 7. Half Life 2: Episode 3 "halva" is never too much – very much like to believe in the implementation of the reciprocal promise – that Half-Life: Episode 3 will not be presented at E3 2008. 6. Duke Nukem ForeverNe despite the fact that the game is in development for 10 years and Last clip was 4 years ago, wants to believe that such a treasure, both for xbox 360 games, will not forget and still create a new version. 5. Diablo 3 for Xbox 360Sovsem little time has passed since that moment, as Blizzard announced the creation of Diablo 3 for pc and Mac.

In this regard, I want to believe in the execution of a theoretically possible, because the hd tv is much nicer to play than to sit at the same Toshiba. 4. Bioshock E3 08, I want to believe we can find out more, and about every detail of the subsequent creation of this beautiful game xbox 360, which at one time a really nice shock for many. 3. Sci-Fi Shooter by Infinity WardNe recently trumpeted all over the internet reported that Infinity Ward created a new unknown Sci-Fi shooter, which is based on genre science fiction. And it is not an analogue of something, that is, he does not repeat any xbox 360 games – very amusing! 2. Dead Rising 2Dead Rising – a real masterpiece of the last few years! Therefore, can not believe in cover-up of such a project, the second part, as reported by some sources, is nearing completion! And making Dead Rising 2 – studio Blue Castle Games. 1. Secret Project BungieNovy project Bungie – will be something of a series of Halo, but it will be darker and slightly change the concept. Probably, it will be something in between Ghost Recon and Gears of War, and the game expected to play coo– that is already interesting! Let us hope at E3 08.

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