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Definitively, from the conquest and to today, collective Paraguayan brings back to consciousness thinks about Guarani whenever " necesita" to speak Castilian. The Avae" comprises of the Paraguayan. With time, probably one became one more of its vital organs, or talvs in one of its harder and resistant bones; or it could – by what not comprising integral and vivifying of its sanguineous fluid. Also, it could say – without exaggerating that until the air that we breathed it contains particles of Guarani. The Independence of Paraguay does not depend on the arms of the Troopses; it does not depend either on the given money of the World Bank. For that reason, neither losing a war nor if the World Bank to expropriate the territory, we will stop to us being Paraguayan. Our nationality is given by the presence – in each of us of that vital essence that is called Guarani Language and that, absolutely, is our reason of being. In Paraguay, nothing is understood without the Guarani; as well as, nothing can be constructed without him.

The day that we stop speaking Guarani, that day we will stop being Paraguayan. Finally, if the Guarani Native were conquered and reduced by the Spaniards; just he will be to recognize, in counterpart, that the Castellanafue Language and continues being conquered and being reduced by Guarani language. THERE IS AVAE" ! Ohai: Pedro Oak Branches There is avae" ! neryaku poritva, ha" ete umi umegua yvoty is nere" asyetva aimo" eirete. Heta kysma oehimbe" and nde rrape, heta hu" pema reeha" , hi" gui rejepe" aite ko yvy ape rigui is ojehecha pva ndaikatumo" i. Rente oeha" umva ndejuka has? ua, orekura mit pyahu nderayhuhra aetva, roeha" is roeha" va" er opaite altar pytagua e" gui romotenonde.

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