Working With People

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… People working with people, I realize how spoiled they are. Accustomed or willing to obtain free of charge whatever they want, wherever and whenever they show their lack of manners. Remember how you came to the shop buy something. The very first thing you see – is wrinkled, discontented face salesperson. You ask for advise you as You do not often take a particular commodity, and in return receive a rude or monotonous no meaningful speech. Of course, it's not nice … you will understand either, or turn around and go to another store.

But let's look at it another way. You're like me, the administrator of the Internet – the studio. Visitor comes to you and asking prices – you're the hundredth time he recounts the day the price of the services, but not the point. He listened, agreed, sort of understand, but when it comes time to pay – a visitor at a loss! As so I worked on the Internet in just 15 minutes and must pay 30 rubles? Why? Of course, he does not remember that I told him that the minimum that a visitor has to pay is 30 rubles! Should I explain why? Should I tell him that for the sake of existence, the organization must pay taxes, rent, salaries, etc. And, for that matter anything, it makes no use our services – this is a private, independent decision of the visitor. But I was distracted … what happens? Stormy showdown begins.

The result? There are two options: the visitor pays for the service, only after the scandal, or turns around and leaves … Leaving the used traffic unpaid. Although, what matters to him that he was not the only one, that there are many. Why would an organization must pay (give) the visitors their whims? They agree to our terms and then express (if you can call it that) his displeasure. I work twelve hours a day, five days a week, do you think if a visitor comes in the morning – in what mood I will work and whether I wish to kindly serve the next person? But it's my job, and I shall smile to your face! Believe me, during those 12 hours, these fellows will be at least another three! I like my job, I like my bosses, I like my standing visitors with whom I almost you, and they were very kind to me. I like to manage and develop new skills in this area and I want to do it! Only people, rude and crude, spoil the beauty of this work! You wonder why you are not welcome in shops and other establishments, because there is no courtesy and understanding among people! Many people are trying all means to show their importance, which, in principle, no cares! I do not want to be kinder to call, I can only say one thing – as long as people learn to respect each other, to live better not be! And I do not have any feeling but contempt! I used to love people, but now faces the essence of many of them … .. Maybe there is something to think about ….

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