Where To Focus Your Investments De Tourist Marketing

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The unique item in which you would have to focus your resources to celebrate in order year Before the question of one of the suscriptos list – What you would recommend to him to one of your clients so that it focuses its businesses (and investment) this year? I am going to respond to you what I already say to them to my clients: If it has limited resources (like the majority of the businesses related to the tourism, due to the problems of the last years) my advice he is the following one: If you want to finish this year celebrating by the results of your travel agency, then it points all the guns to generate confidence in the potential clients to turn them into effective clients, and for ” fidelizar” to your present clients, using the power of the social networks. I have already spoken in other articles and videos on the enormous one to be able that Web 2,0 in the businesses has, without mattering to what red it belongs, but much more as far as trips it treats. If, there per 1995, somebody it came and it said to you that you today registered a dominion in Internet (for example, viajar.com or some of the sort) you would be receiving million visits per day, and, just by to turn into effective clients to a very small percentage of these visits, you would be gaining fortunes, living the life that always you wanted. And that person would be a species of idol. Then, nowadays you return to have a similar opportunity (if it is not that better) with the coming of the social networks. Opportunities like: to interact with your clients in real time fidelizar to generate them confidence in the visitors who arrive at the site in instantaneous form to attract visitors eager for your products and services in a matter of hours (or minutes) to take advantage of situations negative critics to your agency to turn them into flatteries defenderte of disloyal competitors into the same moment who attack your name to generate more income in markets today failed to take advantage of by you. and many advantages suppose more that you are or not raised this unique opportunity. The moment to begin to rise this train already is happening, and this one is the last warning.

You decide if you rise or you let pass this opportunity, and only you will be whom she loaded with the consequences, since you will not be able to say that you did not know it. I assure to you that several competitors of your agency of will take advantage of it to tourism. I know you first.

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