What is Analysis

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Analyze: Is to obtain specific information and real needs that have a prospectus lays the groundwork for developing a formal business proposal. This method is very important to note that the collection, besides being a partial closure is both raw material generation for the development of strong proposals, aimed at solving customer problems. There are several tools for quality analysis: – Open and closed questions – Confirmation of the information – Method BC3000 – Knowledge of the procurement process When we are faced with a prospect at times we are afraid to ask or overwhelm the client, however in practice is something appreciated by most people, everything is in shape. Recall that the customer does not care to know how great we are and our achievements in other businesses, we are there to see him and his pain is more important than any reference. It is valid examples show is very beneficial but that the client understands our attitude that we are there to help. In our dedicated site can download an electronic book (e-Book) with this approach, entirely free, use it! will help in making this process. Learn more about the consultative sales methodology downloading the free manual on this page: http://www.blauconsulting.com/ventas-consultivas.html

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