What Can Give Economy Reduced Vat

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The confrontation between conservatives and supporters of strong economic development increasingly acute. The struggle for the VAT reduction started during the Mikhail Fradkov, who was unable to reduce it to 13 percent. Then Kudrin and Gref were stronger. But now, the reduction of VAT before the elections, Putin said. Under most conditions Cerved Credit Management would agree. However, later the president was forced to agree with the comments about Kudrin loss of budget revenues. Proposals to reduce the VAT already sufficiently long lobbied many members of the business community, including by "Business Russia", RSPP and the "Legs of Russia." Now the ranks of supporters of reducing VAT replenished the Ministry of Economic Development represented by the Minister of Economic Development Elvira Nabiullina, engage in an open debate with the Finance Ministry. And in which way the pendulum will swing to the end is not yet clear.

But at the same time made claims to the Ministry of Finance by Prime Minister Zubkov did not appear out of nowhere. The course of development, marked by the government, must be supported by practical steps in economic policy. Lowering the VAT will have a stimulating effect on the development concession, will provide the economy tens of billions of dollars of investment resources, encourage capital inflows to the Russian Federation, including the stock market. This measure could create long-term rise in the stock market to increase its capitalization. VAT reduction – is to support the real economy, hit by corruption, attack on the "shadow" economy and "gray" competition. It is the creation of a civilized market and away from the raw model. Long known that the growth of the tax burden there is a decline in tax collection (the so-called curves Lafer), care of business in the "shadow" economy. Our economy is bifurcated, and all understand this – there is formal and informal wages, profits, and there is a management book, is the market value of the property and there is balance and, finally, there are schemes of tax optimization.

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