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Surely, as in my beginning, it did not have much money, so every penny should be well spent, you can not give you the luxury of losing silver, that is why, in this also you will have to be attentive. Let me give you a few tips that have to do with the relationship between space on the server and conversion, many believe, and make you believe that if your server has plenty of space, this is excellent for the conversion (make sales), but this is not true, what to include in your site which will make possible sales, space is less important, and the cheapest thing. What really matters are accessories and tools that are contained in your site, is what makes the difference, then comes the promotion of your Website, you must also enroll in fifty major search engines and directories, that is what will make you a good positioning in the search results that users make. And I can not mention the knowledge that you will have to acquire, this is not a minor detail, if you want to stay in business for a long time, your knowledge in this area, the electronic commerce must be improved substantially, you will need to learn about selling strategies, techniques of promotion, resource to create your product for sale, and many more topics. But do not you be discouraged, it is not as difficult as it seems, if your goal is to have your own real business online, go ahead, with confidence and determination will surely you achieve it. In my e-Book, the Guide to success and wealth I use a phrase that I love even apply it to myself constantly, and it is what helps me keep me in career, become a tireless worker, and you will get success.

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