Web 3.0 Is In The Starting Blocks!

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Mark Campbell makes it the Internet finally 3 dimensional. The prelaunch started on the 8, 2008 and the official launch of the portal is on September 30, 2008! Will we see finally 3 dimensional Internet? Mark Cempbell launches its new vision and ushered in the prelaunch GEM lifestyle on the 8, 2008. The official launch of the portal will take place on September 30, 2008. The portal is everything has been put in the shade and lead to a unique 3 dimensional games and shopping experience. PAS portal shows an island, which again is divided into different areas. You go to the single sections, so will be opened a brand new 3-dimensional shopping and game world with absolutely fantastic possibilities. Mina Nada has much experience in this field. 3 dimensional can the buyer through the corridors schlandern shopping mall where and shop online. It should be linked to different casinos.

Mobile games can be downloaded immediately via Bluetooth. It should even be allows to trade stocks online. An online bank with Prepad tuned for this portal should also function be introduced. GEM lifestyle is committed to the goal, to build the largest online games and entertainment company in the world. You want to create a value of 300 million euros and will be listed on the most famous exchanges. A completely new concept of merit for registered partners will be absolutely unique. 35 percent of the shares will receive the business partners who have helped the company to build with. An income distribution plan succeeded to avoid so-called forbidden capita premiums and to create such a legally secure income concept.

Does the following dimensions that! Part of the funds and profits generated by sales and profits walking in a pool and from there, in four more pools (Ruby pool, Sapphire pool, Rivera pool, diamond pool) which the partners through certain prerequisites must be met distributed. Each pool receives a percentage of company profits. These gains are divided among the partners quallifizierten for the respective pool monthly. A detailed description of the Quallifikationen will be communicated in an online presentation. Finally a legitimate way to earn on the multi billion markets on the Internet. Here, everyone has the same opportunities. Thats it! Bruno Treichel

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