Water Sports

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Sport in conjunction with water exerts a fascination to many people. Water sports use the different features and challenges of water sports. They slide over to swim through or dip into it, they use their own strength, or different tools, they go on holiday or extreme sports. Trend sports such as kite and windsurfing need the water as the surface. The surfers glide driven by the wind then, boards across the waves, or jump over it. The shape of the waves using the wave rider on their short boards to the front of a wave surfing. Breathtaking and dangerous is the immersion in the shaft tunnel to the tumbling waves. Sailors in their boats need the wind to be drifting on the water. A wide variety of technical aids, sailing and boat forms are available to them. Rowers move their boat and with the help of long oars through the water. Go backwards instead of forwards, and may need a mate. Kayakers and canoeists are water, wind and sunsuspended and get the persistent strength of their arms to glide with the help of paddling through the water. Wildwasserfahrer can wear down by raging waters and be responsive to, avoiding rocks and eddies. Driving on wild waters with rafts is called rafting. The water sports are very wet here. Canyoning is one of the trendy sports and means jumping and climbing in whitewater canyons. Without any tools swimmers are coming from. With the different swimming styles, they move their own bodies through the water. Divers are usually found deep under water. Dive as long as they have air in the lungs or take them with oxygen bottles. Kapp swimming below the surface is called snorkeling. The swimmer breathes through a snorkel and can observe in tranquility the fascinating underwater world. All these people are water sports. You need the ever-changing, light-flooded, mysterious, wind-shaped water.

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