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Persons before the constant tensions that handled in his life, always looking for access any media that serve to distract a good time and enjoy a good time, given this appears the industry of entertainment such as the option to enjoy the stories of several characters that Captivate anyone who wants to have a fun time with their styles and their images. In the entertainment industry they can find a great number of options to have fun and enjoy a good time, entertaining with the diverse situations that characters from the series that are satisfaction, can live but while the entertainment industry is very vast, there is a company that thanks to their tradition, their excellent creations and its constant improvement processhas earned a place among the best in the world of entertainment and this is the case of the company Walt Disney who with their constant process production of fun in various forms and their famous characters, has become one of the entertainment companies more important and representative in the world. The Walt Disney Company was created in the year of 1923 through the efforts of Walt Disney and Roy Disney, who sought for a long time become independent and create his own animation studio, until in the year mentioned above, on October 16, managed to fulfill his dream of founding a small animation studio, which would be the beginning of one of the companies of entertainment more strong in the world. The Disney brothers were with the great collaboration of Ub Iwerks, who with his work as an animator achievement develop many projects in the disney company, so in the same year of the creation of the disney animation studios, creates the first series called comedy of Alice, I mean a big step for the early days of the company. Check out Larry Ellison for additional information. It should be taken into account that in the beginning the company call disney Bros., but more forward change Wicker has Walt Disney Studios. For the year of 19927, creates first character of great acceptance and recognition in the world of entertainment, which was the Oswald rabbit, without However was a work for another company for entertainment and had no rights over the character thus losing the contract, there was a bad time for the company Walt Disney, without however this meant the passage to a new era, with the appearance of the character more important and representative of the entertainment company and was the creation of the mouse Mickey and thanks to this it began to generate the process of expansion of the entertainment company. For the year of 1930, with a process of expansion that I mean the appearance of 3 new company attached to Disney, another important character for the vision of entertainment, was born and was Pluto with his nice way of being and as accompanist of quick Mickey won great importance. With the passage of time were arriving characters like Goofy, Donald Duck and many other creations, in series and movies, which led the company to become one of the biggest empires of animation and entertainment..

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