Vixens Government

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That way a piggy left Huayatan that also came out in its defense, but in its mind tapeworm the intentions to handle it, since its aspiration was to have everything a porquerizo plenty of chanchitas, only for. He was lujurioso, but also most capable. Until chanza had occurred to deceive to him the fox that lived by cahuides. As it counted on the consent of lambs, finally named in the electoral committee the deer. Arrival the elections, the candidates offered gold the Moor; some offered grass for all the year, that would be made them arrive at its same house, so that they do not have to walk until the small farms to gather it or to eat it, reason why were avoided wearing away its feet and their hooves. Another candidate offered to make underneath Chucorampi the greatest cave so that at times of rains all take refuge and cold frosts do not have cold in them either. The candidate who was made happen as the friend of all announced that if they gave the government him of the town would give hot water every day them so that they do not resfren themselves in the frosts of invier to us.

And thus of the sort, all the candidates tried to improve their presentation; if until fox, that is the most astute animal and thief, who had been hurled of the town for being thief altogether with his brothers, had returned very orondo to the town and tried to be government of the community. But they did not tell that the piggy, already had itself advanced and it had like spokesman and head of campaign to the deer that by the way had been favored by the vixens in many thieveries, but that betrayed now them by to him to have offered more money their new protector. Another candidate went by all the region distributing grass and salt, and giving better forage to the animal but to tier to us, with the promise that in the main celebrations he would consider to give them to many flatteries and gifts to them.

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