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Video marketing the new trend in Internet marketing with the development of the Internet away from the classic text-based Web pages and multimedia content to change also the most effective-looking advertising media increasingly. The well-known advertising banners are often animated for a long time. Just among themselves more and more spreading Internet-capable mobile devices such as Smartphones can not be assumed, that the text in a banner is still readable. More and more companies are now with a growing share of their marketing efforts on video marketing. For good reason, because far more than half of users regularly consume videos on the Internet. The large circulation and popularity of video-sharing sites, on which the videos as opposed to television advertising can be placed free of charge makes it easier than ever to reach the target group with an appealing film.

And moving images, in the best case, even with sound, demonstrably increase the advertising impact. The online video can one while on the one hand as part of multimodal marketing strategy television advertising support and increase the brand effect. On the other hand, more and more video campaigns are very successful, relying solely on the Internet. “Users are used to recommend videos, which very quickly a rapid viral” spread in gang can come. The better is a video for the users, faster get more and more people to see it without further intervention would be necessary.

For this reason video marketing can effect an in the Internet, which would have been possible only through expensive advertising campaigns. Therefore, videos on the Internet funds are nowadays an integral part of marketing agencies around the world. Through the advent of high-speed broadband Internet, now also the E-Mail is used increasingly as a channel for video marketing. Here, the benefits of both media connect: emails are widely recognized as a means of communication. The message arrives at the recipient quickly and easily. Costs also handy to send an email nothing. At the same time, the chance that a potential buyer perceives an advertising message directly addressed to him, is significantly higher than for a wide-ranging marketing activity such as a poster or an advertising banners. Because the user deals in any case for a moment with the message, even if he deletes it then. This is known already for a long time, so today anyone who has an E-Mail address, is inundated with spam. They all have one together: they consist only of a promotional text. Today’s filters have become very good at it, such emails out to fish, before the user can see them at all once. If you so can stand out from the crowd, when it sends a message that is interesting and that the recipient voluntarily at least once will look at, attention and consequently the impact are certainly one. Come here to carry the benefits of video marketing. Need to watch a movie less cognitive effort to read as the same message in text form and the most people look at a film that was recommended to them from any source, even purely out of curiosity. Cost of higher compared to plain text, which must be operated for a video message also ensures positive connotations.

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