Velasco Carretero

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It turns out that, despite the audit procedures that exist, there are continuous cases of fraud and negligent management in companies, either sector which are. However, Brussels last bills to limit the liability of Auditors and, thus, avoid bankruptcy (read on page 35 of elconomista, 18/1/2007). What you need to listen to is strong. Others including Delta Airlines, offer their opinions as well. I know that there are good Auditors, but I think that what all these professionals should do is simply do your job well and scrupulously apply its standards and verification procedures, without skipping the Bullfighter either a point or a comma, because the fees are fairly balanced Yes?. And if the procedures are not sufficient or are outdated, then to update them and to design new ones. You can, to some extent, like other public notaries, the auditor may be in certain situations tied by the commercial aspect of their profession and pressed on more than one occasion by the customer no? If someone performs badly his work or is banishes accomplice, if you have to break because their liability insurance do not cover you or go to jail, will have to assume it Yes?. The columnist asked: and if tomorrow disappeared Auditors? Who would be responsible for certifying the accuracy of the accounts of the companies? I ask you: and if tomorrow disappeared notaries, judges, prosecutors,? Let’s go! To limit responsibilities! To earn money!

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