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TOKYOPOP with mosaic Entertainment has Vela Studios won two new cooperation partners. TOKYOPOP with mosaic Entertainment has Vela Studios won two new cooperation partners. The two comic book publishers have a wide range of high-quality comics which now exposes the Vela as a digital output for mobile devices and the Web. “Both publishers are not newcomers to the digital market: in 2008 it was iPod capable of a complete comic book mosaic publishing” has made. The Special on the mosaic eComics was already at that time the dialogues in the balloons were set to music, i.e. spoken by actors.

The first steps in the digital world behind also some years at TOKYOPO. Now the next step follows with the cooperation with Vela entertainment. About the comic book marketplace by Vela entertainment known folders soon will be available set – and using guided reading technology, optimized for mobile smartphones, tablets (PADS), and the Web. The mosaic the mosaic publishing house was founded in 1975 in Berlin. Appears for 35 years monthly comic magazine, the mosaic with the well known Abrafaxen.

These are Abrax, Brabax and Cali fax that adventures in the history of the world. The renowned comic magazine ZACK, as well as the mosaic for girl with gin, Bella and Anna are quarterly more publications. The collaboration between Vela and the mosaic publishing house was sealed in February. Sebastian Wannamaker, CEO of Vela Entertainment Studios do this: soon starts our comic platform with hundreds of high-quality comics and graphic novels. With our new partners in Tokyo pop and mosaic we can offer now the Abrafaxe across known over generations and some of the most popular mangas.” When the Abrafaxe comics from the classic series, are set to music from the series with the philosopher’s stone and also English-language from the 400 series. Tokyo pop life trees, including Grimm’s manga, Gothic sports offered by guardian in the first step.

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