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There is something special about Whistler vacations. Read the article to know why you should’nt visit Whistler. Whistler is globally popular as one of the favorite adventure sports destination in British Columbia. Best known for the ski mountains, Whistler vacations opens up great opportunities of snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, glacier skiing etc. However, there is another side of Whistler which you must explore while traveling in Whistler and that is the beautiful villages, the many shops, the boutiques, the cafes. All of which promises action packed holiday to each and every traveler willing to spend a vacation in British Columbia. Travelers can easily reach Whistler from Vancouver. For more information see this site: Gary Kelly. It is located about two hour drive from Vancouver and close to 5 hours drive from Seattle.

Long known as the ‘winter wonderland’ and a popular hub of skiers, Whistler is now turning out to be more popular among newly weds. Couples choose Whistler as a romantic destination considering its city based vacation opportunities. It offers you a wonderful opportunity spend days enjoying a lot of fun activities while staying close to major cities like Seattle or Vancouver. For those who love snow, Whistler vacation provides a fabulous destination for honeymoon or winter romance. If you are considering to get married, then Whistler can be the ideal destination that will definitely appeal to you. There are plenty of activities to take part in. You can find a wide range of ski runs that cater to all abilities. There is the snow mobiling and ice climbing activities for the most energetic people while the leisurely travelers can enjoy several other gentle activities like the glacier tours.

Why not go on sleigh ride with your partner. There is abundance wildlife in British Columbia. For people with a passion of photography, there are several plenty of opportunities in stored in Whistler. The breath-taking, scenic mountain views, the wildlife, the flowers offer you a great escape. Not just during the winter, there are several activities that you can take pleasure during summers. During summer, you can enjoy a host of outdoor activities. Apart from kayaking and usual in horseback riding, you can therefore find many other destinations. So provides you on unforgettable experience for enjoying Whistler bungee jumping. If you love golf, then check out the golfing facilities in Whistler. Last but certainly not least, the for best value in accommodation. reserve Whistler accommodations well in advance. Select apartment or a deluxe studio in the center of the Whistler village. To enjoy the best of both worlds, you must consider traveling to Whistler from June to August. Get closer to the center of the action, choosing the best vacation rentals in Whistler. Nick Jones writes for Whistler dream accommodations helping people find the ultimate Whistler vacation and Whistler accommodations.

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